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Barcelona terrorist attack

Tom Wilson offers analysis of the concentration of terrorism offenders residing in Birmingham area


Threefold rise in vehicular attacks in Western countries indicates cars are terrorists’ weapon of choice

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses Westminster attack on Sky Sunrise

Nikita Malik appears on LBC to discuss the Westminster terror incident

Tom Wilson appears on LBC to discuss the Westminster terror incident


Westminster incident would fit a pattern of low-tech attacks aimed at institutions of government

Nikita Malik on LBC discusses the Disney Store plot

Tom Wilson discusses the fate of the ISIS ‘Beatles’ on BBC Sunday Morning Live

Nikita Malik appears on LBC to discuss the ISIS ‘Beatles’

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses the case for a new Treason Act on LBC

Nikita Malik talks online radicalisation with Love Island’s Camilla Thurlow


Next Independent Reviewer must be a guarantor of security, not a community engagement officer

Tom Wilson discusses the ISIS ‘Beatles’ on BBC Radio London

Tom Wilson discusses the future of the ISIS ‘Beatles’ on the Jeremy Vine Show

Nikita Malik speaks to LBC Radio about new Europol terrorism statistics


More officials fighting terror is welcome, but government still needs to tackle the root causes of extremism


Liege attack: A painful reminder one year on from London Bridge that the threat to Europe remains high

Nikita Malik discusses her new terrorism on the Darknet report on ABC Australia


National Security Review brings home need to invest in defence and diplomacy


Scale of Umar Haque sentence more than justified – but shows our schools are vulnerable to extremists


Prevent statistics show that Britain faces an ongoing and evolving challenge from Islamists and the far right

Nikita Malik speaks to F24 following the terrorist attack in southwestern France


Parsons Green case raises questions about foreign fighters which must urgently be answered


Violence in France is proof that more remains to be done to protect Europe from Islamic State

Nikita Malik speaks to LBC Radio about the conviction of the attempted Parsons Green tube bombing


Parsons Green verdict exposes weaknesses in counter-radicalisation efforts


Long-term concerted effort needed to bring about integration in British society


Record number of arrests, plots and attacks shows how far UK is from “getting a grip” on terrorism


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