RFE/RL Translations


The Strange Investigation of a Strange Terrorist Attack

Ballot Rigging, Bribery, Beatings and Elimination

Butting Away at the State

Russia’s Nationalists: Putin’s Critical Children

The Kings of State Procurement

From Metropole to the PEN Centre

How the Press Elected the President

A Governor Who Loves to Spend

The Syrian Nemesis

Under the Aegis of the Foreign Ministry

The Age of Delirium

The Empire of the Presumption of Guilt: How Cases are Fabricated Against the Innocent

An Eyewitness Account of Events in Odessa on 2 May 2014

Sergey Chemezov’s ‘Russian Vacuum Cleaner’

Degrees of Risk

Space Exploration – Russian Style

Gaydamak’s Empire and Prison

Import Substitution for Rogozin

A Necktie for Lawyer Shumkov

What is the Russian for Facebook?

One Economic Sector Booming in Russia: Corruption

The Landowner of All Russia

“If There is a Hell on Earth, I am in it”

Death at the Stadium

Tanks on Parade

Tough Times for Tough People: Crime and Russia’s Economic Crisis

Crimea and the Kremlin: From Plan “A” to Plan “B”

Senseless and Merciless: “The Russian World” – The Ideology of a Russian crusade

Putin, Maria Ivanovna from Ivanovo and Ukrainians on the Telly

The Arms Race

Tanks in Grozny

Who’s Blowing Up Russia?

Crime and Crimea: Criminals as Allies and Agents

No One Bargains With Terrorists, Do They? Beslan 10 Years Later


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