RFE/RL Translations

Russia’s Nationalists: Putin’s Critical Children

An Eyewitness Account of Events in Odessa on 2 May 2014

Senseless and Merciless: “The Russian World” – The Ideology of a Russian crusade

Sergey Chemezov’s ‘Russian Vacuum Cleaner’


The Strange Investigation of a Strange Terrorist Attack

The Syrian Nemesis

Ballot Rigging, Bribery, Beatings and Elimination

Tanks in Grozny

Tanks on Parade

From Metropole to the PEN Centre

Space Exploration – Russian Style

The Empire of the Presumption of Guilt: How Cases are Fabricated Against the Innocent

Tough Times for Tough People: Crime and Russia’s Economic Crisis

No One Bargains With Terrorists, Do They? Beslan 10 Years Later

Gaydamak’s Empire and Prison

Crimea and the Kremlin: From Plan “A” to Plan “B”

One Economic Sector Booming in Russia: Corruption

A Governor Who Loves to Spend

The Age of Delirium

Degrees of Risk

Putin, Maria Ivanovna from Ivanovo and Ukrainians on the Telly

The Kings of State Procurement

Death at the Stadium

The Landowner of All Russia

What is the Russian for Facebook?

How the Press Elected the President

A Necktie for Lawyer Shumkov

The Arms Race

Butting Away at the State

Import Substitution for Rogozin

Who’s Blowing Up Russia?

Under the Aegis of the Foreign Ministry

“If There is a Hell on Earth, I am in it”

Crime and Crimea: Criminals as Allies and Agents


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