No One Bargains With Terrorists, Do They? Beslan 10 Years Later

Henry Jackson Society

This is the first in a series of translations which The Henry Jackson Society is producing by arrangement with Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty. The original publication was written by Vladimir Voronov. It was translated by Irina Sadokha and David Satter.

Ten years have passed since the Beslan school tragedy.

In this investigation, written for the Russian Service of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Russian journalist Vladimir Voronov shows that there has been no honest investigation in Russia of one of history’s most atrocious crimes. By seizing a school, the terrorists reached a new low in depravity. But the Russian authorities who authorised an indiscriminate attack on the school with flame throwers and grenade launchers were little better.

The Russian regime’s disregard for human life was demonstrated again this summer when it provided powerful anti-aircraft missiles to the separatists in eastern Ukraine leading to the downing, on 17 July, of the Malaysian airliner MH17. Unfortunately, to this day, the lessons of Russian actions during the Beslan crisis have not been fully learned.

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