Middle-class lefties blocking the motorway is nothing less than a war on the working class

Teaching children to hate each other – identitarianism within British schools

‘Progressive’ liberals wish to caricature Britain as ‘Islamophobic’ in the post-9/11 world


Shamima Begum is already facing justice and should never return to the UK – Dr Mendoza on GB News

There are aspects of British life which don’t encourage integration – Dr Rakib Ehsan joins GB News

Britain has a ‘Grievance-Industrial Complex’ – Dr Rakib Ehsan on Sky News Australia


Babyn Yar: 80 Years Later

29 September @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

80 years after the extermination of almost 34,000 Jews at Babyn Yar, this tragic part of history is becoming increasingly politicised, part of a broader trend of instrumentalization of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe. To commemorate this anniversary, this panel will address Antisemitism in the region, including its politicisation of the Holocaust and the region’s failures … Continued

Creeping Sharia: An Affront to Equal Rights in the UK?

6 October @ 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

In recent weeks we have seen the Taliban regain control of Afghanistan and return to a rigid enforcement of sharia law - a system of Islamic jurisprudence which many believe structurally disadvantages women. Could it ever be accepted as a legally valid basis in a country like the UK, where our law embodies the equal … Continued


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