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Presscoverage: Press Coverage

World Cup 2018 terror warning: Attacks ‘very likely’ Government report says

Russian police may turn a blind eye to crimes against British fans during the World Cup, say MPs

Putin’s modern warfare tactics will pose threat to West for years – report

Britain faces Russian threat to stability ‘for years to come’, says MP’s report

Russia using KGB Cold War tactics to ATTACK the West in a THREAT set to last for ‘years’

Russia is waging ‘full spectrum’ war on Britain with fake news and hacking as important to Putin as military might, report warns

PUTIN’S TACTICS Kremlin’s scare tactics will threaten Britain’s stability ‘for years to come’, report warns

Britain faces ‘full spectrum’ of Russian threat for ‘years to come’, MP’s report says

Inflation-busting salary rise for Armed forces

India key for UK’s post-Brexit focus in Indo-Pacific, says study


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