Presscoverage: Press Coverage

Press Coverage

In The New York Times on why Europe is so Islamophobic

In on Vladimir Putin’s Millionaires

In KXAN on rich Russians in London

In The National on UK security after 2017 terrorist attacks

In City A.M. on UK immigration

In Helsingin Sanomat on Russians paying for access to British politics

In WELT on Putin’s footsteps in London

In Arab News on UK’s Labour suspending leading anti-racism campaigner

In El Confidecial on the ‘cleptotour’ of the oligarchs

In Luxemburger Wort on rich Russians in London

On Talk Radio on Priti Patel

In on Deputy Minister of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan Odilbek Isakov meeting HJS

In Forbes on severe Huawei setbacks

In RTP on Boris Johnson’s announcement about post-Brexit foreign and defence policies

In The Sun on emergency terror laws

In City A.M. on Met’s special operations funding


In UnHerd on Red Toryism

In The Times on Dominic Cummings’ victory over fight for widest security review since Cold War

In The Telegraph on defence spending for 21st century battles

In The Guardian on Boris Johnson’s major review of foreign and defence policy

In Sky News about Jihadi textbooks in schools funded by £100m of OUR cash

In New Statesman on Al-Muhajiroun

In Cointelegraph on Crypto Crime

In The Sun on UK’s youngest terrorist

In The Guardian on preacher who inspired Streatham terror attack

In The Telegraph on 42 individuals including Amman sentenced for terrorism offences

In Spiked on convicted terrorists being ‘on the streets’

The Henry Jackson Society’s warning about Sudesh Amman mentioned on BBC Radio 4

In Daily Mail on Streatham terrorist Amman

In The Telegraph on British Steel relationships with new allies


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