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Jihadi textbooks in schools funded by £100m of OUR cash

Al-Muhajiroun and the long tail of UK terror

Crypto Crime Doubled in 2019, but Still Under 1% of Transactions

TWISTED YOUTH: UK’s youngest terrorist who plotted to behead police could be released in 2020 — but his identity is being kept secret

Preacher who inspired Streatham terror attack peddling jihad from behind bars

Prosecutors allow dozens of charges brought against terrorists to ‘lie on file’

‘Hundreds of convicted terrorists are out on the streets’

The Henry Jackson Society’s warning about Sudesh Amman mentioned on BBC Radio 4

Streatham terrorist was in MI5’s top five most dangerous jihadis: Outrage as it’s revealed Sudesh Amman was freed after serving only half his sentence – a month after PM vowed crackdown on releasing terrorists

The sale of British Steel could cement relationships with new allies but at the risk of angering old ones

Mike Pompeo: Think again on Huawei or risk spy pact

South China Sea fury: How UK could scupper China’s plans after Brexit

Democratic consolidation an ‘obsolete’ assumption in new strategic context

Terror watchdog calls for clampdown on jihadi brides

Government terror adviser warns ‘no magic test’ to stop reoffending

Jihadi brides should be given punishments as tough as their terrorist husbands, says top lawyer

Terror watchdog says refusing police access to encrypted devices should be a crime

Terror suspects should face jail if they refuse to hand over phone passwords to police, says Government adviser

New faith schools will create more division

Principles guiding British Foreign Policy ‘Progressively Obsolete’, says Rifkind

Online far-right extremists ‘get lower sentences’ than Islamists

Islamists get longer jail terms than far-right extremists

UK’s failure to ban far-right groups undermines fight against online extremism, report finds

The Henry Jackson Society’s report mentioned on The Andrew Marr Show

Is a computer the best detective?

Britain after Brexit: it’s time to decide on our place in the world

After Hong Kong riots, Huawei row and LSE takeover battle: China blocks Shanghai stock market pact with London

Razwan Faraz: Teacher in Trojan horse scandal is back in classroom

British Hindus expected to vote for Conservatives in elections

How bad would it get? Month before vote, UK Jews worry over a Corbyn government


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