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The Fresh Prince: Will Saudi royal Mohammed bin Salman’s reforms bring actual change?

Isis fanatic tried to recruit children for ‘death squad’ to launch terror attacks in London

The ISIL plotter who groomed a children’s army

UK government gives £6 million to extremist charities, report claims

UK think tank cites Zakir Naik over extremists’ abuse of charities

Report: UK Taxpayer Hands £6 Million a Year to Islamic Charities Working to ‘Damage our Society’

Charities used by extremists who promote violence or hatred received £6million in tax relief, report claims

£6m a year gift aid for Islamic charities linked to extremist speakers

Exclusive Interview: The Henry Jackson Society’s Richard Black Talks About His Report Regarding Islamic Extremism On University Campuses

IS puts women on front line for first time, propaganda video shows

Hundreds of young Turkish children jailed alongside their moms as part of a post-coup crackdown

Britain must back region’s fight against extremists, think tank reports

Britain urged to boost anti-terror ties with Gulf

We’ll stand up for schools that ban hijabs and fasting, pledges minister

Isis propaganda video shows women fighting for first time amid ‘desperation’ to bolster ranks

Students’ Union Campaign ‘Has Become Vehicle for Extremist Interests’, Warns Think Tank

Head teacher who resurrected a failing school now fears for her life after banning hijab and enraging fundamentalists

Terror watchdog Max Hill QC branded a ‘politically-correct snowflake’ for saying the term ‘Islamist terrorism’ should be banned

Babies of foreign fighters DNA-tested on return to UK

All Carrot, No Stick: the EU’s Schengen criteria is encouraging the wrong kind of crackdown

National Union of Students’ campaign has become a ‘vehicle for extremist interests’, report warns

TERROR CHIEF SLAMMED Britain’s terror watchdog slammed for consulting extremist Islamist groups

Controversial Muslim campaigner vows to fight hidden extremism in UK

Amid Ongoing Parliamentary Campus Free Speech Probe, UK Jewish Community Highlights Challenges Faced by University Students

David Davies: Now that we’re leaving the EU, we must also quit the European Arrest Warrant

Syrian war reaches Britain as volunteers, not soldiers, die fighting ISIL

How Trump changed the world in one year

ISIS is building a new “caliphate” in northwestern Syria


China finding it tough to pick up bargains in US ‘mega-mall’

West Midlands police: terrorism duties left no bobbies on beat


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