Centre for Transatlantic Strategy

The Centre for Transatlantic Strategy is a research programme within the Henry Jackson Society.

The centre aims to educate the public on the benefits of transatlantic cooperation between the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The centre also seeks to outline an open, confident and expansive geostrategic policy for the twenty-first century that embraces the United Kingdom’s strengths in both hard and soft power. As a key custodian of both the European and international orders, the United Kingdom is an advocate for liberalism, national democracy and religious freedom, with a highly-effective military and a unique constellation of diplomatic and economic influence. A confident, globally-oriented Britain can complement America on the world stage, advancing our shared interests.



A Culture of Impunity: Understanding Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in Contemporary Proxy Warfare

Unfreezing the Abraham Accords: A New Transatlantic Strategy for Greater Peace, Stability and Integration in the Middle East

Securing Religious Freedom: Why British Leadership on FoRB Should Be Written into Law

Securing UK Defence Procurement to Meet 21st Century Challenges from Present Threats

The Prospective Foreign Policy of Sir Keir Starmer

Morpheus: The British Army’s Next Procurement Failure

Countering Iran in the Arabian Gulf

The British Army’s Ajax: Fit for Purpose?

Research Brief – ‘The Carrier Strike Group 2021’

Breaking the China Supply Chain: How the ‘Five Eyes’ can Decouple from Strategic Dependency

The Indo-Pacific: An Enlarged Perspective

Core Assumptions and British Strategic Policy

Global Britain: A Twenty-First Century Vision

The South China Sea: Why It Matters To “Global Britain”

Audit of Geopolitical Capability 2019: An Assessment of Twenty Major Powers

After the NATO Summit: Towards the ‘Normalisation’ of British Military Spending?

Defending Europe: ‘Global Britain’ and the Future of European Geopolitics

What the European Union owes the United Kingdom

Global Britain and the Future of the British Armed Forces

Towards “Global Britain”: Challenging the New Narratives of National Decline

Audit of Geopolitical Capability: A Comparison of Eight Major Powers

The Tipping Point: British National Strategy and the UK’s Future World Role


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