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Al-Qaedaism in North Africa and the Sahel

Radiological Terrorism – A Global Policy Challenge in Need of Urgent Action

Antisemitism in Schools

Securing the Strait: Engaging Taiwan in the UK’s Indo-Pacific Tilt

The Personal Touch: How Britain’s Values-Based Diplomacy can Champion Dissidents around the World

Opposition in Russia to the Invasion of Ukraine: How Much of a Threat is it to Putin’s Regime?

Backing our Police: How Parliament Can Give Police Forces the Tools to Combat Disruptive Protesters

Russia’s Hybrid War Against the UK: Time to Fight Back Against the Kremlin

The Prospective Foreign Policy of Sir Keir Starmer

Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine and the Global Crisis

Morpheus: The British Army’s Next Procurement Failure

All Change: The Impact of Government Policy on Migration Composition & Social Cohesion

A Weaker Russia and the West’s Opportunity in the South Caucasus

Providing Ukraine with Air Defence Capabilities

What Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Tells Us About Chinese Policy Towards Taiwan

Ukraine-Russia Policy: Next Steps for the West

Countering Iran in the Arabian Gulf

format normandie

Ending Russia’s War Against Ukraine

The Vulnerability of Iran’s Nuclear Facilities to Drone Strikes

russian troop

Will Russia Invade Ukraine? Moscow’s Threat to European Security

Online Radicalisation and Algorithms

Weaponisation of Refugees in Putin’s Long-Standing Hybrid War Against the West

Modern-Day Britain’s Terror Threat

Defender of the Faiths: How the Russian Government uses Religious Diplomacy

Background Briefing – Islamophobia

What is Islamism and why should it concern me?

The British Army’s Ajax: Fit for Purpose?

Supporting Taiwan: A Calling for Global Britain

Nord Stream 2: Myths, Illusions and Realities

The Future National Cyber Security Strategy: Defending Values in Cyber


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