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Islamist Terrorism: Foreign National Offenders and UK Deportations

Covid – One Year On

Reconstructing North Korea: Challenges and Opportunities

Impact and Effectiveness: Sanctions on Russia 2014-2020


Islamist Terrorism: Foreign-National Offenders and UK Deportations

Russian ‘Black PR’: Examining the Practice of Ruining Reputations

The Indo-Pacific: British and Vietnamese Perspectives

China IP Theft

Brain Drain: The UK, China, and the Question of Intellectual Property Theft

Black Lives Matter UK: An Anthology

National Resilience Index 2020: An Assessment of the D-10

British Muslim anti-Semitism

Leaving Lockdown: The Impact of COVID-19 on Civil Liberties and National Security in the UK & US

Weaponising Covid-19: Far-Right Anti-Semitism in the United Kingdom and United States

Breaking the China Supply Chain: How the ‘Five Eyes’ can Decouple from Strategic Dependency

Countering the Far Right: An Anthology

The Indo-Pacific: An Enlarged Perspective

Coronavirus Compensation? Assessing China’s Potential Culpability and Avenues of Legal Response

Henry Jackson Society Far Right Manifestos Report

Far-Right Terrorist Manifestos: A Critical Analysis

UNRWA Report Henry Jackson Society

UNRWA’s Future Reconsidered

Core Assumptions and British Strategic Policy

Russian Kleptocracy And The Rule Of Law: How The Kremlin Undermines European Judicial Systems

The Art of Deceit: How China and Russia Use Sharp Power to Subvert the West

A Lost Tribe: Britain’s Young Eurosceptics

Hong Kong: The Steady Erosion of Freedom

Islamic Human Rights Commission: Advocating for the Ayotollahs

Defending our Data: Huawei, 5G and the Five Eyes

Behind Global Britain: Public Opinion on the UK’s Role in the World


RADICALISING OUR CHILDREN: An Analysis of Family Court Cases of British Children at Risk of Radicalisation, 2013-2018


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