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Lessons for Taiwan: Understanding Why Sanctions Failed to Deter Conflict in Ukraine

Navigating a New Direction in the Eastern Mediterranean: What Role for Britain?

Securing UK Defence Procurement to Meet 21st Century Challenges from Present Threats

Al-Qaedaism in North Africa and the Sahel

Radiological Terrorism – A Global Policy Challenge in Need of Urgent Action

Antisemitism in Schools

Added Value: Israel’s Strategic Worth to the European Union and its Member States

Russia’s Role in the Balkans

After Crimea: Towards a New British Geostrategy for Eastern Europe?

Russian ‘Black PR’: Examining the Practice of Ruining Reputations

After the NATO Summit: Towards the ‘Normalisation’ of British Military Spending?

Russian Corruption: Domestic and International Consequences

Al-Qaeda in the United States – A Complete Analysis of Terrorism Offenses

Russian Kleptocracy And The Rule Of Law: How The Kremlin Undermines European Judicial Systems

Al-Qaeda’s Global Footprint: An assessment of al-Qaeda’s Strength Today

Russia’s Economic Prospects – Modernisation or Stagnation?

All Change: The Impact of Government Policy on Migration Composition & Social Cohesion

Russia’s Nationalists: Putin’s Critical Children

An Alternative to the French Peace Initiative

Russia’s Policies towards a Changing Arctic

An Enduring Threat: Europe’s Islamist Terror Networks Then and Now

Safeguarding Our Systems: Managing Chinese Investment into the UK’s Digital and Critical National Infrastructure

Securing the Strait: Engaging Taiwan in the UK’s Indo-Pacific Tilt

An Eyewitness Account of Events in Odessa on 2 May 2014

Destroying Islamic State, Defeating Assad: A Strategy for Syria

Senseless and Merciless: “The Russian World” – The Ideology of a Russian crusade

Anwar Al-Awlaki: The UK Connections

Disrupting Extremists: More Effective Use of Existing Legislation

Egypt, Hamas and Islamic State’s Sinai Province

Sergey Chemezov’s ‘Russian Vacuum Cleaner’


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