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Megan Gittoes on the shooting of the Slovakian Prime Minister

Megan Gittoes looks at the morning’s newspapers on Talk Radio

Aliona Hlivco on The Telegraph’s Ukraine: The Latest podcast

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses the potential impact of disinformation on the forthcoming General Election

Dr Theo Zenou comments on Putin’s meeting with Xi Jinping and its relevance to the war in Ukraine

Megan Gittoes responds on GB News to the shooting of the Slovakian PM

Megan Gittoes on Sky responds to the shooting of the Slovakian PM

Alan Mendoza responds to the ‘Foreign Agents Bill’ that has led to mass protest in Georgia

Megan Gittoes talks about the upward trend of political violence following the shooting of the Slovakian PM

Dr Alan Mendoza speaks to The Sun regarding Vladimir Putin’s removal of Sergei Shoigu

Dr Alan Mendoza speaks to the Sun on the alarming possibility of Russia or China placing a nuclear weapon in space

Dr Alan Mendoza speaks to The Sun ahead of the Israeli assault on Rafah


Dr Helena Ivanov speaks to Kosovo Daily about the potential impact of the EU elections on Serbia-Kosovo relations


Aliona Hlivco appears on the Telegraph’s ‘Ukraine: The Latest’ podcast

Dr Alan Mendoza on GB News reacts to allegations that China hacked an MoD contractor

Dr Alan Mendoza responds to reports that China successfully hacked an MoD contractor

Megan Gittoes reacts to the Government’s defence spending announcement on Talk TV

Should the UK have its Own Iron Dome?

Megan Gittoes reacts to the police probe into Angela Ranyer’s tax affairs


Dr Alan Mendoza On LBC Regarding Fake Chinese Postage Stamps


Dr Alan Mendoza on Times Radio Discussing Fake Stamps Coming to the UK

Dr Alan Mendoza Appears on Talk TV’s Cross Talk to Discuss Middle Eastern Issues

HJS on GB News Following Iran’s Attack on Israel


Aliona Hlivco discusses the G7 and Russian gains in Ukraine on Monocle Radio

Dr Alan Mendoza Discusses to the Counterfeited Stamp Scandal on GB News

HJS poll reveals only 1/4 British Muslims believe Hamas committed murder and rape on October 7

Megan Gittoes details the findings of HJS’s recent polling of British Muslims


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