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Megan Prangley urges the West to join Chinese citizens in global solidarity at the World Cup on TalkTV

Dr Helena Ivanov condones the UK government’s latest version of the Online Safety Bill on GBNews

Dr Alan Mendoza responds to PM Rishi Sunak’s declaration regarding UK-Chinese relations on TalkTV

The Times of India features Charlotte Littlewood’s report on the false narrative that was promulgated throughout Leicester

Dr Alan Mendoza takes part in GB News’ The Clash with Dan Wootton discussing Suella Braverman

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses the handover of power from Liz Truss to Rishi Sunak with Gareth Cliff

Dr Helena Ivanov discusses the latest on the UK’s political turmoil on Nova S

Dr Helena Ivanov discusses the narrowing balancing act between the EU and Serbia on Vesti

Catherine Perez-Shakdam reveals how terrorists manipulate the market on Дежурный по Нью-Йорку

Dr Helena Ivanov describes the symptoms of Liz Truss’ downfall on Euronews

Catherine Perez-Shakdam responds to the unjust disappearance of Iranian athlete Elnaz Rekabi on GBNews

Catherine Perez-Shakdam predicts that Tehran will double down on protesters on BBC Arabic

Dr Helena Ivanov explores why Serbia’s balancing act between the EU and Russia is quickly narrowing on Kvaka23

Dr Helena Ivanov discusses PM Liz Truss’ sack of Kwarteng and appointment of Hunt on Euronews Serbia

Catherine Perez-Shakdam urges the Free World to call out Tehran’s human rights abuses on GBNews

Dr Helena Ivanov calls for unity following PM Truss’ U-turn on the top earners tax cut on Euronews

Dr Alan Mendoza denounces Putin’s warped annexation of four Ukrainian regions on GBNews

Catherine Perez-Shakdam analyses the clash between Iranian protesters and London police on TalkTV

Dr Helena Ivanov details the implications of the Italian elections for Serbia on NewsMax Adria (BG)

Dr Helena Ivanov warns Europe of the dangers of Italy’s new far-right government on BBC World News

Charlotte Littlewood provides an update on the evidence behind the Leicester disorder on Times Now

Catherine Perez-Shakdam argues against the US and Taliban’s recent exchange of prisoners on RTVi

Dr Alan Mendoza condemns Putin’s nuclear threat and deployment of reservists to Ukraine on GBNews

Charlotte Littlewood responds to the unrest in Leicester on GBNews

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses how the UK rightly banned CCP officials from the Queen’s funeral on TalkTV

Dr Helena Ivanov discusses the role of the far-right in the Swedish elections on TalkTV

Dr Helena Ivanov comments on Queen Elizabeth II’s death on Euronews Serbia

Dr Alan Mendoza highlights Truss’ pivotal role in UK-US relations on Fox News

Catherine Perez-Shakdam highlights the pitfalls of JCPOA negotiations with Iran on BBC Arabic

Dr Stepan Stepanenko discusses the UK’s management of its overseas aid on GBNews


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