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Megan Gittoes reacts to the police probe into Angela Ranyer’s tax affairs

HJS poll reveals only 1/4 British Muslims believe Hamas committed murder and rape on October 7 Henry

Megan Gittoes details the findings of HJS’s recent polling of British Muslims

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses HJS’s new poll of British Muslims on GB News

Dr Alan Mendoza reveals HJS’s new polling of British Muslims on TalkTV

Dr Alan Mendoza on Cross Talk reacts to the decision not the deport a convicted sex offender

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses on GB News a reported rise in Muslim prison gangs

Aliona Hlivco on Sky News analyses the preparedness of UK Defence forces

Megan Gittoes is Asked About the Border Crossings on the Independent Republic of Mike Graham

Aliona Hlivco speaks to The Sun after Russia ramps up its attacks on Ukraine

Dr Alan Mendoza analyses the Government’s reaction to China’s cyberattack

Dr Helena Ivanov Discusses Serbia-Kosovo Tensions on BBC Radio Scotland

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses Israel, radicalisation and much more on Talk TV’s Cross Talk

Aliona Hlivco Discusses the Illegitimacy of Putin’s Presidency on ABC News


Aliona Hlivco Speakers to Voice of America (Ukrainian)

Aliona Hlivco talks about the Russian presidential election on Sky News

Dr Alan Mendoza responds to the Government’s new definition of extremism

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses the latest developments in Gaza with Seyi Rhodes on Sky News

Megan Gittoes Discusses CRSV and Proxy Warfare on Sky News

Dr Stephen Hall discusses his Forthcoming Report on on Putin on Times Radio

Dr Alan Mendoza Discusses the Ongoing Palestinian Protests with Douglas Murray

Megan Gittoes Discusses the Budget with Mike Graham on Talk TV

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses planned reforms to the definition of extremism on GB News

Barak Seener Details the Findings of his New Report on Talk TV

Dr Alan Mendoza speaks to LBC News regarding Leila Khaled’s Scheduled Speech for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Aliona Hlivco and Patti Cohen discuss Emmanuel Macron’s push to send arms to Ukraine, Hungary’s opposition of Mark Rutte’s NATO candidacy and China’s economic growth target

Dr Alan Mendoza Responds to the German Intelligence Leak on LBC News


David Kirichenko on the need for the UK to prepare against future cyber threats


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