Broadcast: Broadcast

Dr Alan Mendoza on Sky News responds to UK and US military strikes against the Houthis in Yemen


Aliona Hlivco Appears on The Telegraph’s Ukraine the Latest Podcast

Aliona Hlivco Features on Monocle Radio

Dr Helena Ivanov Speaks to Kosovo Online Following Lord Camron’s Visit to Pristina

Megan Gittoes Looks at the Morning Papers on TalkTV

Dr Alan Mendoza looks ahead to 2024 on LBC News

Megan Gittoes Appears on the Independent Republic of Mike Graham Christmas Special

Barak Seener discusses deradicalisation in Gaza on Times Radio


Aliona Hlivco on Monocle Radio discussing aid in Ukraine and a range of other foreign policy issues

Megan Gittoes on The Independent Republic of Mike Graham

Dr Alan Mendoza analyses Putin’s decision to stand as an independent candidate

Dr Helena Ivanov responds on BBC News to the outcome of the Serbian elections

Barak Seener Provides Analysis on the Ongoing Fighting in Gaza

Dr Alan Mendoza Talks About Rising Extremism on LBC

Dr Alan Mendoza discussing claims about the current focus of UK intelligence services

Megan Gittoes on Talk TV with Mike Graham

Aliona Hlivco on her personal experiences in Ukrainian politics

Dr Helena Ivanov discusses Russia’s evasion of sanctions on WION

Megan on the Independent Republic of Mike Graham 06/12/2023

Megan Gittoes with Mike Graham on TalkTV

Dr Alan Mendoza comments on the ongoing fighting between Russian and Ukrainian troops

Megan Gittoes Discusses the Parthenon Marbles on Euronews

Dr Alan Mendoza discussing China’s expansionist policies with Jonny Gould on TalkTV

HJS Senior Research Fellow, Barak Seener, on Sky News regarding the Israel-Hamas war

Dr Alan Mendoza Discussing the Latest Immigration Figures on Times Radio

Dr Alan Mendoza Responds to Latest Immigration Figures on GB News

Dr Alan Mendoza with Richard Tice on GB News

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses Iran’s role in the two ongoing conflicts on TalkTV


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