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Opinion Editorial

Barak Seener writes for the Times of Israel on the Abraham Accords

David Kirichenko writes for the CEPA regarding a Belarusian cyber attack

Barak Seener Writes for Real Clear Defense on Israel’s ‘Illusion’ of Safety

Aliona Hlivco writes for the Telegraph following Russia’s presidential election

Dr Theo Zenou Writes for Smithsonian Magazine on the History of Mohammed V of Morocco


David Kirichenko writes for the Asia Times on Cyber Warfare

Megan Gittoes Writes for the JC on Sexual Violence in Conflict

Mykola Kuzmin Writes for 1945 on his Reflections on the Anniversary of the Ukraine War

Dr Alan Mendoza Writes on the German Intelligence Leak for LBC

Aliona Hlivco Writes for the Spectator on the Second Anniversary of the Ukraine War

David Kirichenko Writes for the Kyiv Independent on Cyber Security


Dr Azeem Ibrahim Writes for the Daily Express on the Prospect of Immigration Under Labour

Aliona Hlvico Writes for Foreign Policy on Putin’s Illegitimacy as President


Barak Seener Writes for 1945 on Britain and the Gulf


Dr Theo Zenou Writes for LBC News Following the Death of Alexei Navalny

Dr Helena Ivanov addresses antisemitism in the UK ahead of the controversial Rochdale by-election

Theo Zenou writes for LBC News following an Iranian-backed attack on US troops in Jordan

What the Russia-Ukraine war teaches us about a possible conflict between China and Taiwan

Darren Spinck writes for The Sunday Guardian on the importance of maintaining the cross-strait status quo

Darren Spinck Writes for the Daily Express Following the Taiwanese Elections

Marc Sidwell writes for the Telegraph on the importance of a free and democratic Taiwan

Darren Spinck Writes for LBC News UK-Taiwan Relations

Barak Seener Writes on Iran’s Role in Escalations in the Red Sea

Aliona Hlivco Writes for the Telegraph on What the Year Ahead Holds for Ukraine

Dr Helena Ivanov Writes for Kosovo Daily Following Lord Cameron’s Visit to Pristina

Elizabeth Samson writes for La Razon on the ongoing fighting between Israel and Hamas.

Elizabeth Samson Calls for IRGC Proscription

Megan Gittoes Writes on the Return of David Cameron to Frontline Politics

Elizabeth Samson Writes for La Razon

Dr Bahram Ghiassee Writes for the Telegraph on the Prospect of a Nuclear Armed Iran


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