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Opinion Editorial

We cannot afford to be timid about calling out the threat of radical Islam

Multiculturalism is undermining democracy

China’s human rights abuses should silence the declinists and self-haters in the west

Britain’s reliance on Chinese money raises troubling questions for ministers

Compared to young women, young men were more likely to support Trump and Brexit

Multiculturalism has failed


Putin is making a power grab for the Arctic. The West needs to wise up – and prepare itself for conflict

Can Boris Johnson magic the most important rabbit of all from out of his hat?

dr alan mendoza

This House divided must act with honour, stop hiding, and seek a new mandate from the people

Opposing cultural diversity is not racist

Poland and the rise of ‘red and blue’ politics

The case for eurosceptic social democracy

Are Conservatives now the natural party for Britain’s Indian Hindus?

Boris Johnson needs to embrace ‘Red Toryism’ to win over pro-Leave voters in Wales

Trump’s troop withdrawal will put Syrian Kurds in danger

Ignore the parades, China has no claim to any kind of greatness

Terrorist financing, serious crime and the Commonwealth

Open borders and social democracy don’t mix

Watch out for the unintended ripples of the Supreme Court verdict

Blocking Brexit will boost the far-right


Far-Right Threat to Kill Chief Constable

The West can no longer afford to ignore Iranian aggression


Written evidence on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

Is Brexit an English nationalist project?

The anti-Boris establishment has learnt the wrong lesson from the rise of Nazism

Britain’s young people are anything but a homogenous pro-Remain bloc

Young people and Brexit: the implications for the far-right and Scottish independence

Can the Tories really woo Labour Leavers?


Citizenship Stripping Is Not The Only Way To Deal With British Fighters Returning From Islamic State

MPs have only themselves to blame for the Brexit mess we’re in


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