20 Apr 2020

Public Attitudes on the Response to Coronavirus

Following on from our landmark study ‘Coronavirus Compensation?’, last week we commissioned a poll to discover whether the British public would support legal action against China, as well as their views on other issues. The results are stunning.  The British public overwhelmingly blames China for allowing COVID-19 to spread and backs plans to pursue the Chinese Government for … Continued

14 Apr 2020

International open letter against the CCP’s rule by fear — and its accomplices

Members of HJS’ team have been pleased to sign an open letter regarding the CCP’s conduct and rule. An open letter to Chinese citizens and friends of China at home and abroad 给国内外中国公民和中国友人的公开信 The current global crisis has been caused by the regime so many of you have been tolerating or supporting for decades. 当前的全球危机是许多人数十年来一直容忍或支持的政权引起的。 … Continued

06 Apr 2020

Compensating Coronavirus? Covered Across the World

Yesterday, HJS published its report which outlined legal options for action against China over its handling of COVID-19. The report has received coverage all over the world, including in: The Times The Sun Daily Telegraph Daily Express Guardian Sydney Morning Herald Daily Star The Australian WION News Australia

03 Apr 2020

Covid-19 has buried ‘kinder politics’ once and for all

The left once promised the country a kinder politics, based on humanity, care and compassion. Instead, over the past few years, the Labour Party has joined the British National Party as the second party ever to be investigated by the Equality and Human Rights Commission for racism. Jewish MPs have left the party over anti-Semitism concerns – including Dame Louise … Continued

03 Apr 2020

Defending the indefensible: the hard left, China and Covid-19

Photo Credit: Communist Party of Great Britain/Reuters These are the facts. In December 2019, a series of hospital admissions began to be noted in the People’s Republic of China. As deaths followed, a new type of coronavirus, Covid-19, was identified. From the epicentre of Wuhan in China, Covid-19 spread across the world, whilst China fought to suppress … Continued

02 Apr 2020

How the Left Lost Its Mind

Far-left ideologues have peddled the anti-government conspiracy theory that the Johnson administration was exploiting the coronavirus outbreak in order to ‘get rid’ of Britain’s elderly, disabled, and immunocompromised. Others rejoiced as PM Johnson announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19 – with some wishing death upon him. Read the full article in The Mallard

02 Apr 2020

There’s one way to get our liberty back: Test, test, test

Covid-19 has achieved much during its brief reign of terror on this planet thus far. The virus has physically infected people around the globe, showing that humanity is one family after all. Hardly a country in the world stands untouched by its ravages, even if some have been harder hit than others. Such has been … Continued

31 Mar 2020

Covid-19: Who is to blame?

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) – masters of propaganda and spin – know the importance of moving fast. When something happens that undermines the image of the party, and especially its leader, well-rehearsed techniques kick in. First, blame officials as low down the chain of command as possible. Then sack them and weigh in with … Continued

27 Mar 2020

Xi’s Virus: It is time for Britain to decouple from China

It has been claimed that the outbreak of Covid-19 – a type of Coronavirus – and the resulting disaster caused by the rapid spread of the disease could have been averted, similarly to the way that the nuclear catastrophe at Chernobyl in the Soviet Union could have been averted in 1986. Indeed, the similarities between Covid-19 … Continued

26 Mar 2020

How the far-right is exploiting coronavirus to peddle race hate

While most look on a crisis like this with worry, and view it as a challenge to be overcome, there are extremists who consider troubling times to be a gift. Far-right extremists across the world – both abroad and closer to home – are exploiting Covid-19 to peddle unfounded conspiracies and intensify forms of hatred … Continued

25 Mar 2020

With Freedom Comes Responsibility

Some people have to learn the hard way – that with freedom comes responsibility. While most Britons took notice and respected official advice on social distancing, an irresponsible minority continued to place their individual desires over the broader collective good. The Prime Minister, top government scientific experts, and NHS officials have repeatedly urged people to … Continued

24 Mar 2020

How Islamists are exploiting Covid-19

While most look on a crisis like this with worry, and view it as a challenge to be overcome, there are extremists who consider troubling times to be a golden opportunity. Under the Covid-19 global pandemic, the UK is faced with its worst health crisis for generations. Indeed, its gravest social challenge in the postwar … Continued

21 Mar 2020

Is Coronavirus China’s Chernobyl?

In December 2019 a young doctor, working in Wuhan Central Hospital noticed something strange going on with his patients. Their coughing and fevers weren’t just the normal flu. They were reminiscent of a deadly coronavirus outbreak that burst out of China almost 20 years earlier. Four days after Dr Li Wenliang sent messages warning his … Continued

20 Mar 2020

Brigadier General Robert Spalding (Retd.) Joins HJS

General Robert Spalding

There can be no denying that China is now the World’s great threat.  A virus that weeks ago troubled few outside rural China has now brought the West to a standstill.  Our leaders have been asleep for too long as to the rising dangers that this totalitarian state poses. HJS has been warning of these … Continued

20 Mar 2020

A blame game helps no one but fake news is even worse

In the midst of a crisis like Covid-19, the ability to remain objective is usually one of the first human characteristics to be abandoned. It can easily be surrendered to panic as the urge to enter survival mode intensifies. Decisions that would have seemed inconceivable days before the crisis emerged suddenly appear rational. Actions that … Continued

19 Mar 2020

Coronavirus conspiracies are a gift to Russia’s disinformation machine

Dr Andrew Foxall wrote for The Daily Telegraph on how the Kremlin is exporting COVID-19 conspiracies. This is what he writes: This appears to be Russia’s current approach to Covid-19, wherein it is pushing Chinese disinformation narratives hard – including the ludicrous claim that China is not responsible for Covid-19. Read the full article HERE


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