Brigadier General Robert Spalding (Retd.) Joins HJS

By Sam Armstrong

General Robert Spalding

There can be no denying that China is now the World’s great threat.  A virus that weeks ago troubled few outside rural China has now brought the West to a standstill.  Our leaders have been asleep for too long as to the rising dangers that this totalitarian state poses.

HJS has been warning of these dangers for many years, becoming London’s leading voice on the risks posed by China.  Yet as this threat intensifies, so too does our work to defend our way of life.

In light of this, we are delighted to announce that today Brigadier General Robert Spalding (Retd.) joins the Henry Jackson Society as a Senior Associate Fellow.

General Spalding previously served as Senior Director for Strategy to the President of the United States at the National Security Council.  He was the chief architect of the Trump Administration’s National Security Strategy and is the author of Stealth War: How China took over while America’s Elite slept.

General Spalding will be contributing to HJS’ work facing up to the threat posed by China and making the case for close Transatlantic cooperation in defending our values.

His experience at the highest levels of national security leadership and his considerable expertise of these new dangers will make a major contribution both to our work for the defence of freedom.

You can read more about General Spalding here.


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