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James Rogers discusses Chinese Group’s agreed purchase of British Steel

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses the fall of Berlin Wall on Moral Maze BBC Radio 4

Compared to young women, young men were more likely to support Trump and Brexit

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses Parliamentary report into Russia’s covert action in UK

Multiculturalism has failed


Putin is making a power grab for the Arctic. The West needs to wise up – and prepare itself for conflict

Chinese fly in for battle to snap up British Steel: Surprise frontrunner brings hope for jobs – but sparks fears over national security

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses general election and the sentiments among ethnic minorities with Mike Graham

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses the killing of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi on Sky News

Britain delays Huawei decision, potentially until 2020

Hong Kong stock exchange boss says protesters are wrong to demand political rights

Can Boris Johnson magic the most important rabbit of all from out of his hat?

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses the killing of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi on Talk Radio with Mike Graham

dr alan mendoza

This House divided must act with honour, stop hiding, and seek a new mandate from the people

Kompromat fears over Vladimir Fomenko’s web service

Opposing cultural diversity is not racist

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses a war on terror on Talk Radio with Julia Hartley-Brewer

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses situation in Syria, ISIS fighters and extremism on The Spiked Podcast

Poland and the rise of ‘red and blue’ politics

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses British ISIS members and situation in Syria with Mike Graham

Nikita Malik discusses the US’ abandonment of Kurds on Talk Radio

117 UK groups protest against Labour’s resolution on Kashmir

Dr Paul Stott discusses terror in Manchester on Channel 5

The case for eurosceptic social democracy

Are Conservatives now the natural party for Britain’s Indian Hindus?

The Women At The Forefront Of The Fight Against Extremism

Dr Paul Stott discusses Turkish military operation in northern Syria with Mike Graham on Talk Radio

Iran ‘propaganda’ group IHRC gets £1.2m from taxpayer-backed charity

Boris Johnson needs to embrace ‘Red Toryism’ to win over pro-Leave voters in Wales

US bans Chinese company behind 1.3m UK CCTV cameras over spying allegations


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