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Charlotte Littlewood provides an update on the evidence behind the Leicester disorder on Times Now

Dr Alan Mendoza praises Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s release of the mini-budget in the Daily Express

Catherine Perez-Shakdam urges the Free World to hold Iran accountable at the UN for its violent suppression of Amini protesters in the Daily Express

Catherine Perez-Shakdam argues against the US and Taliban’s recent exchange of prisoners on RTVi

Dr Stepan Stepanenko identifies why Putin’s call for 300,000 reservists will not secure a Russian victory in Ukraine in the Daily Mail

Dr Alan Mendoza condemns Putin’s nuclear threat and deployment of reservists to Ukraine on GBNews

Catherine Perez-Shakdam blasts Iran’s police for the killing of Masha Amini in the Daily Express

Charlotte Littlewood responds to the unrest in Leicester on GBNews

Dr Helena Ivanov criticises the lack of results from Serbia’s LGBT Pride march in UnHerd

Dr Alan Mendoza highlights the pitfalls of the United Nations ahead of the 77th General Assembly on Fox News

Catherine Perez-Shakdam and Dr Stepan Stepanenko uncover Amnesty International’s distortion of the rules-based international order in The Jerusalem Post

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses how the UK rightly banned CCP officials from the Queen’s funeral on TalkTV

Dr Stepan Stepanenko details Putin’s decline in the International Policy Digest

Catherine Perez-Shakdam and Dr Stepan Stepanenko uncover radicals’ indoctrination of children in The Times of Israel

Dr Helena Ivanov discusses the role of the far-right in the Swedish elections on TalkTV

Dr Alan Mendoza speaks to Fox News about European governments and the energy crisis

Catherine Perez-Shakdam reflects on the impact of the impending death of Ali Khamenei in the Daily Express.

Dr Alan Mendoza comments on Queen Elizabeth II’s global inspiration in The U.S. Sun

Dr Alan Mendoza comments on King Charles III’s ascension to the throne on Fox News

Dr Helena Ivanov comments on Queen Elizabeth II’s death on Euronews Serbia

Dr Alan Mendoza commemorates Queen Elizabeth II’s bond with US presidents in The U.S. Sun

Dr Stepan Stepanenko says that PM Truss must resolve the Horizon Europe row in The Epoch Times

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses Britain’s election for Prime Minister with Fox News

Christopher Balding explores the potential of China having a consumption economy in The Epoch Times

Catherine Perez-Shakdam argues against President Raisi speaking at the UN’s 77th General Assembly

Queen Elizabeth II Rest In Peace

Dr Alan Mendoza highlights Truss’ pivotal role in UK-US relations on Fox News

Catherine Perez-Shakdam highlights Iran’s prejudice against ethnic minorities in The Jerusalem Post

Jason Pack and Darren Spinck highlight the strengths of AUKUS in The National Interest

Henry Jackson Society’s statement on Liz Truss’ victory


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