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The Caucasian conundrum with Jamila Mammadova

Tory British Indians are not driven by racism

DEBATE: Would it be a disaster for Democrats if Bernie Sanders became the nominee?

Pós-Brexit. Boris Johnson anuncia revisão da política externa e defesa

Emergency law passed just in time to block convicted terrorists from being released in days

Sadiq Khan budget: Uncertainty over Met’s special operations funding


Is Red Toryism a gateway to the far Left?

Dominic Cummings wins fight for widest security review since Cold War

Defence spending in line to rise for increase in line for 21st century battles

Johnson unveils major review of foreign and defence policy

Dr Paul Stott discusses the government’s plan to scrap early release of some prisoners on Talk Radio

Jihadi textbooks in schools funded by £100m of OUR cash

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses deradicalisation on LBC Radio with Iain Dale

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses Michael O’Leary’s Muslim profiling comments

James Rogers discusses Huawei’s funding of research at Cambridge University and his new report

Sam Armstrong discusses far right terror attack in Germany on LBC Radio

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses immigration reforms with Mike Graham

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses sexual exploitation, political correctness and Germany’s far right attacks

The left’s problem with British Indians

Al-Muhajiroun and the long tail of UK terror


The Triple Threat Of Terrorism In The UK: Will Emergency Legislation Work?

Sam Armstrong discusses the UK’s future skills based immigration system

Matthew Henderson discusses UK-China relations on Sky News

Free speech risks being sacrificed on the altar of offence culture

UK envoy’s dressing down of Australian MPs weakens relationship

Matthew Henderson discusses China’s possible takeover of HS2

After New Hampshire, the search is on for someone – anyone – who can take on Trump for the Democrats

Is Turkey becoming a bad ally?

Crypto Crime Doubled in 2019, but Still Under 1% of Transactions

Off-Air with Mike Graham and Dr Paul Stott


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