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‘Second city for breeding terror’

MPs fear resurgent Russia will pose threat to Arctic stability

How Sudanese immigrant who ‘carried out parliament car attack’ lived just 10 minutes from Westminster terrorist Khalid Masood in British jihadi hotspot linked to past extremist plots

Britain must beef up its defences in the Arctic to stave off the growing threat of Vladimir Putin’s military in the region, MPs warn

Low-tech Attacks a Real Threat

The Westminster Terrorist Attack

Tom Wilson offers analysis of the concentration of terrorism offenders residing in Birmingham area

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses Westminster attack on Sky Sunrise

AUKMIN 2018: The Future of Global Britain?

Nikita Malik appears on LBC to discuss the Westminster terror incident

Tom Wilson appears on LBC to discuss the Westminster terror incident

South Korea is still being super nice to Kim — and it could undermine US pressure

Council drops bid to take children of two known Islamist extremists into care

Nikita Malik on LBC discusses the Disney Store plot

How can we stop online extremism?

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses Washington’s sanctions on Iran on talkRADIO

How we missed the chance to check Russian aggression


What Kim Jong-un Really Wants Hasn’t Changed

America Needs a Clear Strategy to Counter China’s Expansion in the South China Sea

It’s time to relearn the geography of British power

Tom Wilson discusses the fate of the ISIS ‘Beatles’ on BBC Sunday Morning Live

Britain’s teachers of terror: How extremists infiltrated classrooms

Nikita Malik appears on LBC to discuss the ISIS ‘Beatles’

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses the case for a new Treason Act on LBC

Qatar leader meets with Jeremy Corbyn

FIFTY foreign takeovers to be blocked a year: Ministers set to ramp up their control over ownership of UK firms

Nikita Malik talks online radicalisation with Love Island’s Camilla Thurlow

Our companies have been wide open to foreign espionage for too long – now that is changing

Tom Wilson discusses the ISIS ‘Beatles’ on BBC Radio London

Kim’s demand for a peace deal before denuclearisation shows how much Trump got played


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