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Security fear over China tech deal

When you pander to anti-immigration views, you are feeding conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theorists have turned immigration into a greenhouse of paranoia

Huawei CFO’s arrest could torpedo Trump and Xi’s cease-fire and rock the smartphone giant

To Ban or to Banbury?

58 per cent of Brits think the government has hidden the “true cost” of immigration

MIGRANT ‘COVER-UP’ Government is hiding the true cost of immigration to encourage public to support open borders, voters believe

Sophia Gaston discusses the rise of the far-right in Spain with James Whale

Dr Andrew Foxall speaks to Julia Hartley-Brewer about tensions between Ukraine and Russia

How We Can End The Exploitation Of Women By Terrorist Groups

What Russia’s attack on Ukraine says about the West

How Can We Use Artificial Intelligence To Prevent Crime?

Dr Andrew Foxall speaks to Mike Graham on talkRADIO abut Ukraine-Russia Sea Crash

Kitchen supported by Meghan’s cookbook is housed inside mosque ‘which has links to 19 terror suspects including Jihadi John’

Mosque Duchess of Sussex visited linked to terror suspects

Meghan cookbook mosque linked to 19 terror suspects including ‘Jihadi John’ in group’s investigation

Should the UK follow its allies’ lead and ban Huawei?

Dr Alan Mendoza speaks to Julia Hartley-Brewer on talkRADIO about the UAE spying case

‘Hate preacher’ banned from UK still broadcasting to millions in Britain through ‘personal TV station’

Emma Webb discusses her report Extremism on the Airwaves with BBC Radio Scotland

Research Fellow Emma Webb speaks to Mike Graham on talkRADIO about Extremism on the Airwaves

‘Hate preacher’ Dr Zakir Naik broadcasts to Britain

Sophia Gaston talks to Nick Ferrari on LBC about the rise of populism

For Iran, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is a welcome distraction

What Kind of Power Does India Want to Be?

Saudis fund hardline British TV station the Islam Channel


Dr Andrew Foxall presents his report ‘Putin Sees and Hears it all’


Is Bitcoin A Credible Payment System For Terrorists?


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