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Dr Alan Mendoza on GBNews discussing Prevent strategy

Dr Alan Mendoza on BBC Radio 2 discussing NATO’s exapansion

Dr Alan Mendoza on GBNews discussing Russia’s Victory Day Parade

Helena Ivanov on how the invasion of Ukraine united NATO states, challenges and disagreements involved in energy sector embargo

Helena Ivanov talks to Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS) about NATO’s decision making process

Dr Alan Mendoza on GBNews discussing evacuation in Mariupol

Dr Alan Mendoza on Islamist terrorism and reforming Prevent

Dr Alan Mendoza on GB News discussing Russia’s nuclear threats, Ukraine war and red lines

New Study: Divorce affects children more than death

No, Britain’s education system is not racist

Putin’s army is using rape as a weapon of war

Putin drank the Kremlin Kool-Aid

Zelensky’s Holocaust analogy is wrong

Post-Soviet states must decide how they align post-Ukraine

In defence of mutually assured destruction

Integration has become a ‘political orphan’ in search of a home

Tony Sewell is dead right about race

We should take in Ukrainian refugees, but ensure a fair distribution

Britain is welcoming of Ukrainians


Why did India not condemn Russia over Ukraine?

Israel must do more to assist Ukraine

The failures of Fukuyama’s “End of History”

Why we should be worried about Putin’s seizure of Chernobyl

We need to get Russian money out of London

Accepting Putin’s demands is not peace, but capitulation

Labours claims about race and energy crisis show a lack of credibility

Why the university educated see more racism

Joe Rogan’s breaking of taboo teaches us a valuable lesson

Foreign Agents Funding MPs? What we need to do to avoid foreign interference – Dr Rakib Ehsan for TalkRADIO

Ukraine talks: “Nothing will be accomplished” – Dr Taras Kuzio for CBC


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