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The Deobandi sect and the Taliban’s cheerleaders in the UK

Afghanistan’s Uyghurs face a double threat – lest we forget

When faced with a big foreign policy crisis, Dominic Raab failed

Fighting terrorists will be trickier from afar and civilians will pay the price

Is Pakistan a friend or foe? – Dr Mendoza joins Alex Phillips on GB News

Immigration and resettlement policies need to be reshaped in a fairer way – Dr Ehsan joins GB News

Is the Taliban a Terrorist Organisation or Strategically Important Partner? – Dr Ehsan on talkRADIO

Extinction Rebellion don’t care about the planet they just hate Britain – Sam Armstrong on talkRADIO

What threats do the Taliban pose to Britain? – Rob Clark speaks to talkRADIO

Britain now lacks influence in Afghanistan, so what can it do? – Rob Clark joins GB News

The Taliban is not the West’s only option for cooperation in Afghanistan – Rob Clark on GB News

British troops want to complete their mission in Kabul, not leave people behind

Afghanistan could become a patch-quilt of extremist factions – Dr Mendoza spoke to GB News

Biden’s dislike of Britain doesn’t help Afghanistan – Sam Armstrong joins GB News

Britain can no longer rely on allies for its defence – Rob Clark joins talkRADIO

What is bad for the West is good for Russia – Dr Mendoza discusses Russian foreign policy on GB News

Biden’s leadership over the Afghan crisis is utterly shambolic – Sam Armstrong speaks to GB News

Britain can lead in Kabul but the defence budget has been hollowed out – Rob Clark speaks to GB News

Choudary’s calls for a harsher Taliban make Britain’s streets less safe – Sam Armstrong on GBNews

China owes us compensation for massive negligence – Dr Mendoza speaks to talkRADIO about COVID

Afghanistan was a failure in nation-building – Sam Armstrong talks to Bloomberg Radio

Britain & America are abandoning the Afghan people – Rob Clark joins GB News

As Nato allies flounder, British troops are leading by example at Kabul airport

Britain must stand up to genocidal regimes before it is too late

Afghanistan will once again become a breeding ground for terror

China is celebrating the West’s failure in Afghanistan – Sam Armstrong on talkRADIO

One of the bleakest days in Western history – Sam Armstrong discusses Afghanistan on GB News

The Taliban are now a much more powerful force – Rob Clark on talkRADIO

Don’t be fooled, the Taliban 2.0 are just as barbaric

Is the US still the Leader of the Free World post-Afghanistan, Alan Mendoza discusses on GB News


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