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Megan Gittoes Writes on the Return of David Cameron to Frontline Politics

Director of Research Marc Sidwell discusses the latest updates in Gaza

Dr Helena Ivanov responding to the energy security policy announcements set out in the King’s Speech

Elizabeth Samson Writes for La Razon

Barak Seener on NTD discussing Hamas’ revenue streams

Dr Bahram Ghiassee Writes for the Telegraph on the Prospect of a Nuclear Armed Iran

Dr Alan Mendoza Interviewed by David Harris for JBS

Dr Alan Mendoza Talk TV discussing the police response to recent pro-Palestinian protests


HJS Quoted in The Evening Standard

Dr Helena Ivanov Writes for LBC News Calling for Diversification of the UK’s Energy Sources

Elizabeth Samson calls on Members of the JCPOA to utilise the ‘snapback’ mechanism

Marc Sidwell Writes for The Telegraph on IRGC Proscription


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