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Meghan McCain Accepts Human Rights Award on Behalf of Her Late Father

The lesson from the Great War is that freedom is not free

We must be cautious about using AI to prevent crime

New head of CPS under fire for refusing to use phrase ‘Islamist terrorism’

Dr Andrew Foxall discusses his report and the threat from Russia on Radio 5 Live

Dr Andrew Foxall discusses his report ‘Putin Sees and Hears it all’ on talkRADIO

Dr Andrew Foxall and Bill Browder speak to LBC about Russian espionage in the UK

The Tradeoff Between Security And Privacy: How Do Terrorists Use Encryption?

Should Britain defend Europe today?

Londongrad: Explosion in number of Russian spies in UK

Why Do Terrorist Organizations Use Women As Suicide Bombers?

Tom Wilson speaks to NewsTalk on the question ‘Can you deradicalise those with extremist views?’

Tom Wilson highlights the key findings from Terrorism in the West for BBC World News

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary forced to take UK’s first anti-radical programme 

Tom Wilson discusses his report Terrorism in the West on talkRADIO

Terrorism in the West: An Age of Extremes discussed on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme

Tom Wilson speaks to talkRADIO about Anjem Choudary and deradicalization

Khashoggi BOMBSHELL: Britain ‘KNEW of kidnap plot and BEGGED Saudi Arabia to abort plans’

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary must go on anti‑extremism course

‘Spooky’ number of Saudi diplomats raises questions

Brexit Britain… but not as you know it

Dr Alan Mendoza speaks to Iain Dale on LBC about the diplomatic fallout of the Khashoggi killing

Tom Wilson speaks to Wake Up Australia about Khashoggi’s enemies in Saudi Arabia

Dr Alan Mendoza speaks to James Whale on talkRADIO about the consequences of the Khashoggi killing

Tom Wilson speaks to Nick Ferrari on LBC about Jamal Khashoggi and why he was killed

Tom Wilson discusses Jamal Khashoggi with Kay Burley on Sky News

Is Trump’s nuclear stance a grand plan or a reckless gamble?

Dr Alan Mendoza speaks to Sky Sunrise about Jamal Khashoggi

We Need Tougher Sentence Powers To Crack Down On Extremists


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