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Bob Seely MP discusses the Huawei Report on BBC Radio 4

Throwing Muslim minorities under the bus


Jeremy Hunt is right: Brexit Britain must be bold with defence

Dr Paul Stott discusses the arrest of Iranian British Council employee on Talk Radio

Social Integration and Heightened Reporting of Discrimination

Ellie Green discusses the Jamaica extraditions on BBC Two


The UK Should Be Ashamed It Could Not Offer Asia Bibi Asylum

dr alan mendoza

We must not attempt to bring the failed Iran Deal back to life

How Labour lost its heartlands

Does poverty cause terrorism? It’s complicated

From Bercow to Corbyn, Trump’s UK visit has exposed a nest of political hypocrites

Standing up to far-right anti-Semitism

Dr Paul Stott discusses Abu Bakr al Baghdadi’s video on Talk Radio

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses class, ethnicity and success on BBC Asian Network

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses the Sri Lankan authorities’ ban on face veils on Sky News


Does The Hawala Payment System Still Benefit Terrorists?

Crackdown on lords in pay of Russians and Chinese


The Huawei deal puts Britain’s Five Eyes relationships at risk

Nikita Malik discusses the Sri Lanka bombings on BBC One

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses the Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe case on LBC radio with Nick Ferrari

The Huawei 5G partnership is a threat to the UK’s national security


What does Zelensky’s victory mean for relations with Russia?

Dr John Hemmings discusses the Huawei participation in 5G network on BBC News

Dr John Hemmings discusses the Huawei participation in 5G network on LBC radio

Where’s the solidarity for Sri Lanka’s Christians?


Who Has The Power To Regulate Extremist Content On The Internet?


The Mueller report shows the West cannot be complacent about Russian interference

Campaigning against climate change doesn’t make you above the law

Dr Rakib Ehsan: Battling Extremism: The need for social integration


To Prevent Extremism, We Must Examine Home Schooling And Social Exclusion


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