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The government should keep calm, focus on facts, and commit to a Covid-19 strategy


How can Britain secure its interests in Europe?

In WELT on Putin’s footsteps in London

In defence of Trevor Phillips

In Arab News on UK’s Labour suspending leading anti-racism campaigner


Legal proceedings in the Netherlands will hold the Kremlin to account

In El Confidecial on the ‘cleptotour’ of the oligarchs

In Luxemburger Wort on rich Russians in London

On Talk Radio on Priti Patel


The West’s disastrous inaction allows Putin to call the shots in Syria

middle east forum

Dr Paul Stott discusses the British government’s approach to Islamist violence with Gregg Roman

Dr Rakib Ehsan on Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky and mental health

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses civil service and deradicalisation with Mike Graham

In on Deputy Minister of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan Odilbek Isakov meeting HJS

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses grooming gangs on Brexit Bros Podcast

In Forbes on severe Huawei setbacks

What do far-right terrorists actually believe?


The UK risks plunging the Five Eyes alliance into crisis

What do far-right terrorists actually believe?

The overlooked ideology behind 21st century far-right terror

The overlooked ideology behind 21st century far-right terror

Is Turkey creating another European migrant crisis?

The Caucasian conundrum with Jamila Mammadova

Tory British Indians are not driven by racism

DEBATE: Would it be a disaster for Democrats if Bernie Sanders became the nominee?

In RTP on Boris Johnson’s announcement about post-Brexit foreign and defence policies

In The Sun on emergency terror laws

In City A.M. on Met’s special operations funding


In UnHerd on Red Toryism

In The Times on Dominic Cummings’ victory over fight for widest security review since Cold War


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