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We Need To Examine The Ethics And Governance Of Artificial Intelligence

Sam Armstrong speaks to Radio 5 Live about the failed GRU hacking of the OPCW

Hate Preachers Like Anjem Choudary Remain A Threat After Prison: Here’s Why

Mosque has trustee on board who sold phones stolen from teenagers

Sophia Gaston discusses Transgender Rights on BBC Politics Live

Sophia Gaston discusses Brexit on BBC Politics Live

James Rogers predicts what’s next for the Skripal Attackers with Iain Dale

DEATH OR GLORY? Will Skripal suspects be rewarded or punished by Putin after bungling Salisbury hit and being unmasking as elite spies?

‘Whoop-dee-damn-do,’ &c.

Why Do We Underestimate The Role Of Women In Terrorist Organizations?

Alan Mendoza drills down into the policies in Trump’s UNGA Speech on LBC

Dr John Hemmings discusses his groundbreaking roadmap to peace in the Korean peninsula

Extremists Hizb ut-Tahrir targeting inner-city youth in Birmingham

Bodyguard’s Nadia shows the danger of underestimating female jihadis

The Fight Against Terrorism Online: Here’s The Verdict


KOREA SUMMIT: Interview with Dr. John Hemmings

Dr John Hemmings talks to BBC Radio Ulster about the future of Korea

Dr John Hemmings gives an update on the Korean summit to Good Morning Europe

Nuclear disarmament is just the start – we must stop North Korea’s slide into a China-meets-Orwell dystopia

Sophia Gaston speaks to LBC about Viktor Orbán and the rise of the far-right

Dr Andrew Foxall talks to Nick Ferrari on LBC about the bizarre excuses of Skripal suspects

Second-class Britons? Why Hongkongers should get UK citizenship

Surviving Islamic State: The Plight Of The Yazidi Community

RUSSIA NEWS: Putin spooks HACKED UK think tank 2,400 times

What Can Be Done About The Children Who Return From Islamic State?


Achieving Peace on the Korean Peninsula

Dr Andrew Foxall pours scorn on the Skirpal suspects’ excuses on BBC News

Tom Wilson analyses the ECHR verdict on bulk data intelligemce for the Victoria Derbyshire Show

Dr Andrew Foxalll calls out unconvincing excuses for ‘Salisbury assailants’


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