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Dr Helena Ivanov on Sky News Analyses the Current Instability in Niger

Dr Helena Ivanov Writes for LBC on the Russian Weaponisation of Energy

How should the UK respond to Russia’s ‘weaponisation’ of energy this winter?

Dr Helena Ivanov Writes in The Express Following the Release of her Recent Report

Winter energy bills to soar as fears rise over shortages.


HJS Mentioned in The Jerusalem Post

Elizabeth Samson Makes the Case for IRGC Proscription in Comment Central

Dr Alan Mendoza on LBC News Assessing the Impact of the End of the Grain Deal on the Developing World

Dr Alan Mendoza Analyses Russia’s Decision to Disallow Ukrainian Grain Exports

Charlotte Littlewood Discusses Her New Report on Islamist Anti-Blasphemy Action with Nigel Farage

Dr Alan Mendoza on TalkTV with Richard Tice

HJS Report Quoted in The Telegraph

HJS Executive Director, Dr Alan Mendoza, reacts on LBC to the Latest Foreign Aid Figures

Dr Alan Mendoza Responds to Unfolding Events at this Week’s NATO Summit

Charlotte Littlewood Discusses her Anti-Blasphemy Report on CNN News18

Charlotte Littlewood Reacts to Footage of Labour Councillors Involved in Sectarian Chanting

Dr Mendoza Responds on LBC to the Controversy Around the US Supplying Cluster Bombs to Ukraine

Dr Alan Mendoza Offers his Analysis on the Possibility of Ukraine and Sweden Joining NATO

Elizabeth Samson Writes for the JC on the Failure to Proscribe the IRGC


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