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The truth about the ethnicity pay gap


Five years after MH17 was shot down, Russian aggression continues

Let Apollo 11 be an inspiration, mankind can achieve the impossible

Theresa May’s Legacy: too late to save? Dr Alan Mendoza on BBC Politics Live

Porn laws may be exploited by Chinese to spy on businessmen and civil servants, say think tanks

Intelligence sharing with the US will be harmed if UK uses Huawei in 5G network, says former head of Homeland Security

HSBC blasted by Hong Kong protest leader: Bank urged to apologise after boss praised Chinese regime

The Myth Of Black Britain

Sam Armstrong discusses the resignation of Kim Darroch on Talk Radio

We need a man in Washington who can walk the Trump tightrope

Sam Armstrong discusses the NHS charging migrants for treatment in the UK on BBC

Dr John Hemmings discusses the protests in Hong Kong and the UK-China relations on Talk Radio

The Liberal-Left’s problem with patriotism

In defence of Englishness

Integration and Dissatisfaction for British Ethnic Minorities

RSAC 2019 APJ Ambassador Q&A: Mihoko Matsubara

Mihoko Matsubara

Japanese Cross-Sector Industry Forum Is Shaping Cybersecurity Talent Development Strategy

Kenny MacAskill: Iran attack on US drone ‘arguably right’

Dr John Hemmings and James Rogers give evidence to the House of Commons’ Defence Committee

James Rogers discusses Iran’s shooting down of the US drone on Talk Radio

Istanbul has rekindled Turkey’s fight against religious autocracy

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses Iran’s nuclear program on BBC Radio 2

No, Brexit is not a ‘fascist coup’

Dr. Paul Stott discusses ‘Jihadi Jack’ Letts on Talk Radio with Mike Graham

Nikita Malik Discusses ‘Jihadi Jack’ Letts’ Request to Return to the UK with Nick Ferrari

Dr Paul Stott discusses the UN report on Kashoggi and the tensions in the Middle East on Talk Radio


‘People power victory’ in Hong Kong looks more like a tactical retreat

Dr Paul Stott discusses the US-Iran tensions following the attack in the Gulf of Oman

Dr Paul Stott discusses the incident in the Gulf of Oman on Talk Radio with Julia Hartley-Brewer

Dr Paul Stott discusses attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman on Talk Radio


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