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TEDx Whitehall Women with Nikita Malik

The West can no longer afford to ignore Iranian aggression

Is Brexit an English nationalist project?


Written evidence on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses the detention of Iranian tanker in Gibraltar on Talk Radio

The anti-Boris establishment has learnt the wrong lesson from the rise of Nazism

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses Brexit electorate, cultural diversity and mainstream media with Mike Graham

Britain’s young people are anything but a homogenous pro-Remain bloc

Young people and Brexit: the implications for the far-right and Scottish independence

Can the Tories really woo Labour Leavers?

Dr Paul Stott discusses Mark Esper’s visit to the UK and returning foreign fighters on Talk Radio


Citizenship Stripping Is Not The Only Way To Deal With British Fighters Returning From Islamic State

Matthew Henderson discusses the Hong Kong protests on LBC Radio with Iain Dale

MPs have only themselves to blame for the Brexit mess we’re in

A lost tribe: Britain’s young eurosceptics

Matthew Henderson discusses detention of the UK consulate employee Simon Cheng in China

Matthew Henderson discusses Hong Kong protests on Talk Radio with Mike Graham

The Brexit hysteria is misplaced – humans have always adapted and moved forwards

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses Jack Letts on LBC with Clive Bull

Nikita Malik discusses ISIS members returning to the UK on LBC Radio

Dr Paul Stott discusses Jack Letts and the government’s response to similar cases with Nick Ferrari

Nikita Malik discusses Jack Letts and the government’s response to similar cases on BBC Radio 4

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses British ISIS recruits and the issues of Islamophobia on Talk Radio

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses British Muslim communities and Jeremy Corbyn

The reality behind the benign China myth has been laid bare

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses what the US-UK trade deal would mean for Britain’s foreign policy

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses John Bolton’s comments on no-deal Brexit on BBC Radio 4

Sam Armstrong on the government’s decision not to use British forces to rescue children of British ISIS members

Tessa Glinoer Discusses the Syrian Refugees Case on Al Arabiya

Sam Armstrong Discusses Hong Kong and China on the Julia-Hartley Brewer Breakfast Show


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