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What can we expect from Russia? – Sam Armstrong on the crisis in Ukraine

Child safety must be held more important than political correctness

European eye on radicalization

How killing Abu Ibrahim al-Qurayshi does not stop The Islamic State

The failure to address grooming gangs

Inside Putin’s Ukraine obsession

Mind the company you keep, Marcus Rashford

We Ukrainians are grateful for Britain’s support – especially as others vacillate

Must do better: the Conservatives are missing a golden opportunity to woo Muslim voters

Britain has a Muslim Anti-Semitism Problem

The government has not been strong enough against Muslim anti-semitism

Putin’s Obsession with Ukraine as a ‘Russian Land’

The siege at a Texas synagogue should wake us up: we need to confront anti-semitism in our Muslim communities

Following the Texas synagogue siege, anti-seminitsm amongst British muslims must be addressed

Child Poverty in the UK – Dr Rakib Ehsan for GB News

Why should we lavish public resourcing on letting the most dangerous criminals out of prison – Dr Mendoza on GB News

BBC World News Asks Sam Armstrong What Is Next in the China-US Relationship

Why We Shouldn’t Vilify the Unvaccinated

Islamists are treating our asylum system as a farce

Labour’s figures seem worrying- but the truth is far more complicated

Dr. Rakib Ehsan on why Katharine Birbalsingh is exactly what the UK needs


Reasons to be optimistic about Afghan integration

Middle-class lefties blocking the motorway is nothing less than a war on the working class

Teaching children to hate each other – identitarianism within British schools

Shamima Begum is already facing justice and should never return to the UK – Dr Mendoza on GB News

There are aspects of British life which don’t encourage integration – Dr Rakib Ehsan joins GB News

Britain has a ‘Grievance-Industrial Complex’ – Dr Rakib Ehsan on Sky News Australia

Dr Rakib Ehsan offers his thoughts on Shamima Begum’s Good Morning Britain interview

The British public will never support Shamima Begum’s return – Dr Rakib Ehsan on GB News

Liz Truss will know how to handle China as Foreign Secretary – Alan Mendoza on GB News

Parliament has finally decided to get tough on China – Sam Armstrong joins GB News


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