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Dr Alan Mendoza discusses the PRCs role in the Covid-19 pandemic with Mike Graham on TalkRadio

HJS VIRTUAL EVENT: “The Atlantic Alliance During a New Age of Great Power Competition” – WATCH HERE

Matthew Henderson speaks to Ian Collins about the WHO’s mistakes over Coronavirus on TalkRADIO

Lawsuit sues China for six trillion dollars in coronavirus reparations | 60 Minutes Australia

HJS China poll report in the Times covered on Sky News

Dr Alan Mendoza speaks to John Batchelor about marshalling the law to secure justice for Coronavirus

HJS Virtual Event: “The Great Coming Apart? Coronavirus and its Impact on our International Outlook” – WATCH HERE

Matthew Henderson discusses CCP and WHO failings in reporting the transmission of the Covid-19 virus on Breitbart News Tonight / SiriusXM

Does China owe the world billions for COVID-19? Matthew Henderson discusses with The Sun

Matthew Henderson speaks to Ian Collins about the WHO’s mistakes over Coronavirus on TalkRADIO

Compensation for Coronavirus? Dr Alan Mendoza talks to Mark Dolan about HJS’ latest paper

Dr Rakib Ehsan and Mike Graham on Labour’s new leader, Keir Starmer

Nikita Malik discusses effects of COVID-19 being a lot like a terror attack

Russia and China’s COVID-19 myths debunked as virus cases rise over 600k

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses Covid-19 with Mike Graham on Talk Radio

Is the coronavirus outbreak China’s Chernobyl?

James Rogers discusses UK foreign aid at the International Development Committee


In the Daily Express on Jihadi behind soldier beheading terror style plot

middle east forum

Dr Paul Stott discusses the British government’s approach to Islamist violence with Gregg Roman

Dr Rakib Ehsan on Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky and mental health

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses civil service and deradicalisation with Mike Graham

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses grooming gangs on Brexit Bros Podcast

The Caucasian conundrum with Jamila Mammadova

Dr Paul Stott discusses the government’s plan to scrap early release of some prisoners on Talk Radio

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses deradicalisation on LBC Radio with Iain Dale

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses Michael O’Leary’s Muslim profiling comments

James Rogers discusses Huawei’s funding of research at Cambridge University and his new report

Sam Armstrong discusses far right terror attack in Germany on LBC Radio

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses immigration reforms with Mike Graham

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses sexual exploitation, political correctness and Germany’s far right attacks


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