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Dr Helena Ivanov comments on Queen Elizabeth II’s death on Euronews Serbia

Dr Alan Mendoza commemorates Queen Elizabeth II’s bond with US presidents in The U.S. Sun

Dr Stepan Stepanenko says that PM Truss must resolve the Horizon Europe row in The Epoch Times

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses Britain’s election for Prime Minister with Fox News

Christopher Balding explores the potential of China having a consumption economy in The Epoch Times

Catherine Perez-Shakdam argues against President Raisi speaking at the UN’s 77th General Assembly

Queen Elizabeth II Rest In Peace

Dr Alan Mendoza highlights Truss’ pivotal role in UK-US relations on Fox News

Catherine Perez-Shakdam highlights Iran’s prejudice against ethnic minorities in The Jerusalem Post

Jason Pack and Darren Spinck highlight the strengths of AUKUS in The National Interest

Henry Jackson Society’s statement on Liz Truss’ victory

Catherine Perez-Shakdam highlights the pitfalls of JCPOA negotiations with Iran on BBC Arabic

Catherine Perez-Shakdam discusses how Tehran promulgated the Rushdie attack in the International Policy Digest

Catherine Perez-Shakdam uncovers Iran’s desire to control Oman’s Musandam in The Times of Israel

Dr Stepan Stepanenko discusses the UK’s management of its overseas aid on GBNews

Catherine Perez-Shakdam unravels the impact of the Islamic Republic’s influence networks in The Jerusalem Post

Catherine Perez-Shakdam highlights Iran’s water wars in Politico Europe

Sam Ashworth-Hayes discusses the European energy crisis in The Spectator

Charlotte Littlewood criticises the UK’s rise of anti-Semitism in The Article

Dr Stepan Stepanenko questions the effectiveness of the use of biomass in CapX

Catherine Perez-Shakdam argues that the West must not appease Iran in the Merion West

Dr Burcu Ozcelik comments on Turkey’s row with NATO regarding Kurdish separatists in the Syndication Bureau

Darren Spinck highlights Ukraine’s need for strategic assets in 19FortyFive

Catherine Perez-Shakdam calls for the West to safeguard the freedom of speech following the Rushdie attack in The Times of Israel

Catherine Perez-Shakdam describes the threat of Iran’s anti-Semitic and anti-Israel attitude in The Jerusalem Post

Catherine Perez-Shakdam discusses the reissue of the Iran nuclear deal on BBC Arabic

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses whether Iran is responsible for the Salman Rushdie stabbing on GBNews

Catherine Perez-Shakdam highlights the threat to freedom posed by Iran’s anti-Israel posture in The Jerusalem Post

Charlotte Littlewood discusses the Salman Rushdie attack with Peter Cardwell on TalkTV

Charlotte Littlewood reflects on the Salman Rushdie attack in The Article


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