Centre for Indo-Pacific Studies

The Centre for Indo-Pacific Studies is a research centre within the Henry Jackson Society that aims to educate the public about the geostrategic importance of the Indo-Pacific region, and to explore structural shifts, regional complexities and historic tensions that exist alongside the economic and social growth that constitutes the “rise of Asia”. It also advocates a British role in the broader Indo-Pacific region, commensurate with Britain’s role as a custodian of the rule-based international system.

With some predicting that the region will account for 40% of global GDP by 2050, a post-Brexit Britain must develop a foreign policy posture for the region that navigates British economic interests and cultural and political values on the one hand, while maintaining strong support for regional liberal democracies and international law on the other.

A Vital Partnership: How Strengthened UK-Taiwan Ties Can Help Maintain Stable Cross-Strait Relations

Studying Abroad to Serve China: Research on the Systematic Threats of CSSAs in the UK

Stronger Together: How US–UK Collaboration Can Address China’s Growing Geopolitical Ambition

Risks to Supply-Chain Resilience: China’s Position in the Electric Vehicle Market

A New Era for UK Policymaking: An Economic Denial Strategy in the Indo-Pacific

The Role of Hostile States in Britain’s Academic Institutions: A Data Summary

An Investigation of China’s Confucius Institutes in the UK

Safeguarding Our Systems: Managing Chinese Investment into the UK’s Digital and Critical National Infrastructure

Securing the Strait: Engaging Taiwan in the UK’s Indo-Pacific Tilt

Supporting Taiwan: A Calling for Global Britain

China IP Theft

Brain Drain: The UK, China, and the Question of Intellectual Property Theft

Coronavirus Compensation? Assessing China’s Potential Culpability and Avenues of Legal Response

Hong Kong After 20 Years: the Rollback of Civil, Human, and Legal Rights

Reconstructing North Korea: Challenges and Opportunities

Global Britain in the Indo-Pacific

Hong Kong: The Steady Erosion of Freedom

Breaking the China Supply Chain: How the ‘Five Eyes’ can Decouple from Strategic Dependency

The Indo-Pacific: An Enlarged Perspective

Negotiating the Peace: Diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula

The South China Sea: Why It Matters To “Global Britain”

The Art of Deceit: How China and Russia Use Sharp Power to Subvert the West

The Indo-Pacific: British and Vietnamese Perspectives

Covid – One Year On

India: Security Challenges and National Responses

Defending our Data: Huawei, 5G and the Five Eyes



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