Centre for the Future of Warfare

Centre for the Future of Warfare is a research programme within the Henry Jackson Society.

The centre conducts research into the changing face of modern warfare along many dimensions, both technological and strategic. Democratic nations need to adapt to this time of transformation, as new technologies from AI to drones remake the battlefield. At the same time, cyberwarfare is also becoming an important new front in the war against authoritarianism, and this also opens up the prospect of confrontations in space over satellites and the systems they enable (GPS, internet, mobile telecommunications).

The centre’s research also addresses the accompanying shifts in the strategic landscape of twenty-first century warfare. That includes the emergence of grey zone and hybrid warfare, the increasing role played by campaigns of disinformation, and the humanitarian consequences of new strategies for waging war, such as the rise of conflict-related sexual violence.

The Centre for the Future of Warfare exists to provide politicians and policymakers with a deeper understanding of the changing face of warfare and how to navigate both its opportunities and its profound challenges.

A Culture of Impunity: Understanding Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in Contemporary Proxy Warfare

Lessons from the First Cyberwar: How Supporting Ukraine on the Digital Battlefield Can Help Improve the UK’s Online Resilience


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