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James Rogers discusses Brexit on Macedonia’s TV channel Agenda 35

The current Brexit approach guarantees failure – when will the no-dealers wake up?

Australia’s foreign policy victim to ‘political parochialism and distraction’

Australia, India, US struggle to match China’s infrastructure largesse

Tooba Gondal: Female British Isis recruiter asks to return to UK saying ‘we just want a normal life’

The beginning of the end between Turkey and the West?

The weaponisation of Christchurch

Jon Snow’s insult to non-white Brexiteers


Why We Must Use The Rome Statute To Prosecute Terrorists For Human Trafficking


The Hanoi Summit – We Asked John Hemmings What Happens Next in U.S.-North Korea Relations

Nikita Malik discusses how ISIS indoctrinates children on WTOP FM

Many ethnic-minority voters backed Brexit, too

A Former US Congressman Criticizes Allies Using Huawei Just ‘Because It Is Cheaper’

This is not good news for relations between North and South Korea

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses the far right extremism on BBC World News

Sam Armstrong discusses the Shamima Begum case on LBC radio with Nick Ferrari

China, Huawei and the Challenge of 5G

How field marshal May can get out of the Brexit trenches

Dr Paul Stott discusses President Erdogan’s local elections campaign on Talk Radio

Europe wakes up to China’s economic threat

After Christchurch: we need a civic patriotism

Fighting the World’s Largest Criminal Industry: Modern Slavery

European militaries ‘will do more to counter assertive China’ in Indo-Pacific


The West is paying the price for failing to face down Putin on Crimea annexation

Europe’s Expanding Role in the Indo-Pacific

When India and Pakistan start wrestling again

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses the terrorist attacks on New Zealand mosques on Sky News

Brexit was a working-class revolt

Dr Paul Stott discusses the Shamima Begum case on Talk Radio

Emotional moment Yazidi woman held as ISIS sex slave BURNS her veil after being freed from terror in Baghouz


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