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We Need Tougher Sentence Powers To Crack Down On Extremists

The release of Anjem Choudary is a dangerous setback in the battle against hate

Where Do Terrorists Go When They Are Kicked Off Social Media Platforms?

Hate Speech Still Spreads Too Easily Online: Here’s How To Stop It

What Can We Do About Foreign Fighters Returning From Islamic State?

Europe’s unfounded optimism over Iran

Spying Chinese microchips give the West an electric shock

We Need To Examine The Ethics And Governance Of Artificial Intelligence

Hate Preachers Like Anjem Choudary Remain A Threat After Prison: Here’s Why

Why Do We Underestimate The Role Of Women In Terrorist Organizations?

The Fight Against Terrorism Online: Here’s The Verdict

Nuclear disarmament is just the start – we must stop North Korea’s slide into a China-meets-Orwell dystopia

Second-class Britons? Why Hongkongers should get UK citizenship

Surviving Islamic State: The Plight Of The Yazidi Community

What Can Be Done About The Children Who Return From Islamic State?


Achieving Peace on the Korean Peninsula

The Role Of Domestic Violence In Terrorism

Russia’s giant military exercise is a clear challenge to the West

The Internet: To Regulate Or Not To Regulate?

Europe’s Leaders Need a New Way of Talking About Immigration

When It Comes To Child Sexual Exploitation, We Cannot Ignore The Darknet

How Criminals And Terrorists Use Cryptocurrency: And How To Stop It

The West must not forget the lessons of the Prague Spring

What China could expect from a global Britain

Low-tech Attacks a Real Threat

The Westminster Terrorist Attack

AUKMIN 2018: The Future of Global Britain?

How we missed the chance to check Russian aggression


What Kim Jong-un Really Wants Hasn’t Changed

America Needs a Clear Strategy to Counter China’s Expansion in the South China Sea


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