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Technology Companies Face Hurdles In Moderating Extremist Content Online: Here’s Why

Huawei and the burden of proof

Our way, not the Huawei — for the sake of national security


Tougher Terrorism Legislation In The U.K.: Will It Be Effective?


Leader-for-life Putin has condemned Russia to decades more of stagnation and decline

Donald Trump proved the doubters wrong and got it right on Iran with Qassem Soleimani


Russia’s blatant war on the West must go unchallenged no longer


Here’s Why Young People Are Particularly Vulnerable To Radicalization

Labour is on the verge of total irrelevance


Global Britain: the UK’s policymakers need new operating assumptions

Qassem Soleimani’s death is the UK’s first test of post-Brexit foreign policy

Trump’s execution of Iran general is biggest security event since 9/11 – and Britain will be on edge for revenge attacks

A year of selective outrage over terror attacks


Britain needs foreign aid policy fit for modern era

The Tories may have scooped up most of the Leave vote, but they struggled with British Muslim Brexiteers

How Labour lost coal country

British jihadism’s familiar connections: Usman Khan, Al Muhajiroun and Pakistan

How will Britain’s minorities vote?

The Berlin Wall is not just a piece of history – the manner of its crumbling contains lessons for the present

Why is Labour in danger of losing Wrexham to the Conservatives?

Is the support of Brexit-backing voters in ex-industrial towns key to the Tories winning the election?

This high-stakes Brexit election of gambles is currently too tough to call

How the Tories could conjure a youthquake

Are the Conservatives now the natural party for Hindu voters?

How to boost rehabilitation and prevent another London Bridge

We cannot afford to be timid about calling out the threat of radical Islam

Multiculturalism is undermining democracy

China’s human rights abuses should silence the declinists and self-haters in the west

Britain’s reliance on Chinese money raises troubling questions for ministers

Compared to young women, young men were more likely to support Trump and Brexit


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