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The siege at a Texas synagogue should wake us up: we need to confront anti-semitism in our Muslim communities

Following the Texas synagogue siege, anti-seminitsm amongst British muslims must be addressed

Why We Shouldn’t Vilify the Unvaccinated

Islamists are treating our asylum system as a farce

Labour’s figures seem worrying- but the truth is far more complicated

Dr. Rakib Ehsan on why Katharine Birbalsingh is exactly what the UK needs


Reasons to be optimistic about Afghan integration

Middle-class lefties blocking the motorway is nothing less than a war on the working class

Teaching children to hate each other – identitarianism within British schools

‘Progressive’ liberals wish to caricature Britain as ‘Islamophobic’ in the post-9/11 world

20 years on from 9/11: the waxing and waning of the US-UK ‘special relationship’

How Luton overcame post-9/11 division

We must not let ideologues paint a false picture of British Muslim attitudes

The Auckland stabbings were a preventable tragedy

The Deobandi sect and the Taliban’s cheerleaders in the UK

Afghanistan’s Uyghurs face a double threat – lest we forget

When faced with a big foreign policy crisis, Dominic Raab failed

Fighting terrorists will be trickier from afar and civilians will pay the price

British troops want to complete their mission in Kabul, not leave people behind

As Nato allies flounder, British troops are leading by example at Kabul airport

Britain must stand up to genocidal regimes before it is too late

Afghanistan will once again become a breeding ground for terror

Don’t be fooled, the Taliban 2.0 are just as barbaric

The spy case in Berlin is a reminder that money will always be the greatest temptation and weapon

How Britain can really help Belarus’s embattled opposition

Three ways social media organisations can help beat Antisemitism

The only language Iran understands is hostility, extremism and power

Letter to the Editor: The Anniversary of MH17

The Kremlin’s plan to alienate Russians from the West

Time to Confront China’s ‘Counterterrorism’ lies in Xinjiang


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