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The anti-Boris establishment has learnt the wrong lesson from the rise of Nazism

Britain’s young people are anything but a homogenous pro-Remain bloc

Young people and Brexit: the implications for the far-right and Scottish independence

Can the Tories really woo Labour Leavers?


Citizenship Stripping Is Not The Only Way To Deal With British Fighters Returning From Islamic State

MPs have only themselves to blame for the Brexit mess we’re in

A lost tribe: Britain’s young eurosceptics

The Brexit hysteria is misplaced – humans have always adapted and moved forwards

The reality behind the benign China myth has been laid bare

After El Paso: America at a crossroads


Was Britain right in granting its youngest terrorist anonymity for life?


Why does Britain often look so weak?

How Boris and his cabinet broke the left


How to deliver ‘Global Britain’: Five strategic priorities for Britain’s new government

The Bank of England, the European Union, and the backlash against technocratic managerialism

Have the lefties calling Boris Johnson noticed he’s put Priti Patel and Sajid Javid in his cabinet?

Churchill was the leader that Britain needed at the time – could Boris be the same?

The truth about the ethnicity pay gap


Five years after MH17 was shot down, Russian aggression continues

Let Apollo 11 be an inspiration, mankind can achieve the impossible

The Myth Of Black Britain

We need a man in Washington who can walk the Trump tightrope

The Liberal-Left’s problem with patriotism

In defence of Englishness

Integration and Dissatisfaction for British Ethnic Minorities

Mihoko Matsubara

Japanese Cross-Sector Industry Forum Is Shaping Cybersecurity Talent Development Strategy

Istanbul has rekindled Turkey’s fight against religious autocracy

No, Brexit is not a ‘fascist coup’


‘People power victory’ in Hong Kong looks more like a tactical retreat

These are the four criteria for judging the next Tory leader


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