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India’s Ambiguity and the Chinese Threat

Is Britain finally getting tough on Russian oligarchs?

Days of Russian elite travelling freely to UK are over if visa refused for political reasons

With the North Korea talks at risk, has Trump maxed out on ‘maximum pressure’?

May has a choice: side with our most important ally or with dangerous Iran

Trump is hoping his good cop, bad cop tactics will force Iran into a new deal

Iran may pose a bigger challenge than North Korea

Is the Darknet a new playground for terrorists?

Kim and Moon’s meeting was ‘historic’ – but what will its ramifications be? An expert explains

The Riddle of North Korea’s Diplomacy

The New Great Game in the Indo-Pacific

Can Donald Trump do a deal with Kim Jong-un without selling out a key regional ally?

Against all odds, is Trump about to solve the North Korea nuclear crisis?

How Russia Today divided Westminster

The end of Rex Tillerson’s miserable tenure as secretary of state is good news for Trumpian diplomacy

How should Britain respond to the poisoning of Sergei Skripal?

The myth of Chinese containment

There is a slim but real chance of peace in Korea – as long as the US doesn’t concede too much

Crown prince’s approach to women’s rights is eye-catching and long overdue

Netanyahu reaps the benefits of treating Trump with respect, rather than contempt

Think twice before protesting the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia’s visit. He’s the ally Britain needs

Charities must not harbour those who would subvert our democracy

Britain needs its own Magnitsky rule

Is the UK up to the challenges of this volatile age?

Why Britain needs to forge closer ties with the GCC

The NUS campaign that undermines the fight against extremism

Japan is back on the world stage

China is tightening its high-tech tyranny. Theresa May should not be rushing to please it

To combat extremism, we must first understand it

Why Counter-Extremism Commissioner Sara Khan is perfect to fight hatred … wherever it comes from


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