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Shamima Begum made her choice and shouldn’t be given a path back to UK

There’s no evidence of ‘white privilege’

Denying Shamima Begum a return to Britain could backfire

Denying Shamima Begum’s return is a victory for national security

Dr Rakib Ehsan writes for The Spectator on his latest BLM report

Dr Jade McGlynn writes for CapX on how Putin uses the soviet past to distract from the present

Rob Clark writes for The National Interest on how Biden must stand up to Iran

Dr Rakib Ehsan writes for The Telegraph on how the far-left are infiltrating progressive movements

Dr Rakib Ehsan explores why white working class children are falling behind at school

Dr Jade McGlynn addresses the rise in support for the anti-corruption movement in Russia for The Spectator

Dr Rakib Ehsan explores anti-vaxx propaganda among ethnic minorities for The Telegraph

Dr Rakib Ehsan writes for The Spectator on the case of Khairi Saadallah

Dr Rakib Ehsan wrote for the Telegraph where he warns that Trump’s actions have strengthened ant-democratic regimes

Rob Clark writes for The Telegraph on the UK’s UN Mission in Mali

Craig Tiedman writes for The Sunday Guardian

Trump’s Popularity with ethnic minorities is a warning for the Left

Sam Armstrong

Beyond the hi-tech headlines, the defence review is about evolution, not revolution

Craig Tiedman writes for the Telegraph

How resilient is Britain?

Dr Rakib Ehsan on Canada’s model of patriotism


Dr Andrew Foxall writes for The Spectator


Russia’s Familiar Hand: Foxall on Putin’s Poisonings


Dr Andrew Foxall for the Daily Telegraph


Dr Andrew Foxall on the “Russia Report”

Matthew Henderson for National Review


James Rogers for ConservativeHome


Boris Johnson on Hong Kong: Dr Andrew Foxall’s Verdict


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