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Dr Rakib Ehsan comments on identitarianism within British schools in Spiked

Dr Rakib Ehsan challenges progressive liberals’ claim that British Muslims are ‘Islamophobic’ in the Daily Mail

Dr Alan Mendoza evaluates the ‘special relationship’ between the UK and US 20 years after 9/11 in City A.M.

Dr Rakib Ehsan highlights Luton’s defence against far-right Islamism in Spiked

Dr Rakib Ehsan reflects on the impact of 9/11 within British Muslim communities in CapX

Dr Rakib Ehsan responds to the Auckland stabbings in Spiked


Hannah Baldock comments on the Taliban’s UK-based supporters in The Spectator

Dr Rakib Ehsan uncovers the double threat for Afghanistan’s Uyghurs in CapX

Rob Clark comments on Dominic Raab’s insufficient response to the Afghan crisis in The Telegraph

Rob Clark comments on the ISIS threat in a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan in The Telegraph

Rob Clark shares his colleagues’ on-the-ground reflections from Kabul in The Telegraph

Rob Clark reflects on the UK’s role in the US’ rushed Afghanistan withdrawal in The Telegraph

Isabel Sawkins calls for the UK to stand up to genocidal regimes in CapX

Rob Clark assesses the UK’s role in Afghanistan in The Spectator

Rob Clark details the evolution of the barbaric Taliban in the Daily Mail

Dr Alan Mendoza comments on the controversy surrounding the UK national that leaked information to Russia in City A.M.

Dr Jade McGlynn highlights how the UK can support the Belarusian opposition in The Spectator

Isabel Sawkins highlights how social media organisations can combat anti-Semitism in CapX

Dr Alan Mendoza responds to Iran’s attack on the UK-managed MV Mercer Street in The Sun

Dr Jade McGlynn reflects on the anniversary of the MH17 disaster in The Times

Dr Jade McGlynn details Russia’s new National Security Strategy in The Spectator

Gray Sergeant and Isabel Sawkins uncover China’s crimes in Xinjiang in The Diplomat

Rob Clark argues for closer UK-Afghanistan relations post-US withdrawal in The Telegraph

Rob Clark calls for the UK to protect Afghan women in The Times

Gray Sergeant details the Chinese Communist Party’s dark history on its 100-year anniversary in The Telegraph

Dr Jade McGlynn comments on Moscow’s manipulative use of memory diplomacy in Foreign Policy

Dr Jade McGlynn analyses the clash between Russia and the Royal Navy in The Times

Dr Alan Mendoza comments on the offshore processing of UK refugees in City A.M.

Rob Clark comments on the Royal Navy’s role in the Black Sea in the UK Defence Journal

Rob Clark calls for the West to abandon the JCPOA in The National Interest


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