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Dr Burcu Ozcelik Writes in the National Interest About the Progress Made by Iran’s Protesters

Ukraine’s Legal Case for Compensation from Russia

Catherine Perez-Shakdam Warns of Iran’s Continued Threat to the West in the Express

Catherine Perez-Shakdam claims 2023 could mark the end of the Ayatollahs’ rule in Iran in the Express

Charlotte Littlewood urges the Department of Education to provide more open and outspoken support to schools in tackling hate crimes in The Telegraph

Darren Spink argues that India’s increasing clout will help ensure the CCP does not imperil the Indo-Pacific

Dr Alan Mendoza urges the US to take action against TikTok as its potential weaponization poses a major threat to US citizens

Dr Alan Mendoza highlights the need for an NHS nurse deal that prevents inflation rising further

Megan Prangley affirms that the UK cannot trust TikTok to safeguard user data from the CCP in The Epoch Times

Dr Alan Mendoza urges the UK to rise above the CCP’s warnings to economically retaliate in the Daily Mail

Dr Alan Mendoza calls out the UK’s unacceptable free pass offered to Beijing’s Manchester consulate officials in The Epoch Times

Dr Alan Mendoza urges the UK government to restore confidence in the asylum system following Sunak’s asylum announcement in The Epoch Times

Catherine Perez-Shakdam explains the Iranian people’s use of creativity to retaliate against the regime in Israel National News

Dr Stepan Stepanenko highlights Ukraine’s increasing possibility of obtaining NATO membership in the Kyiv Post

Megan Prangley comments on Jean-Pascal Tricoire’s concerning ties to CCP officials in the Daily Mail

Catherine Perez-Shakdam calls for the UK to observe Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in the Daily Express

Dr Stepan Stepanenko suggests Griner’s return to the US signals the West’s weakening opportunity for diplomacy with Russia in The U.S. Sun

Dr Stepan Stepanenko shares highlights from London’s Ukraine Infrastructure Forum in the Kyiv Post

Dr Helena Ivanov responds to Macron’s reckless call for the West to provide Russia security guarantees in the Daily Express

Catherine Perez-Shakdam uncovers the danger of opposing radical factions vying for influence in the UK in The Times of Israel

Catherine Perez-Shakdam criticises Kanye West’s unacceptable anti-Semitic comments in the Daily Express

Dr Alan Mendoza calls for PM Rishi Sunak to label the CCP the threat that it is in the Daily Mail

Dr Burcu Ozcelik urges the West to hold Al-Assad accountable for its human rights violations in Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Charlotte Littlewood comments on the NCRI report that tracked social media activity during the Leicester disorder in Quillette

Dr Stepan Stepanenko explains the distribution of Parliament’s financial support to Ukraine in the Kyiv Post

Roger Garside highlights how China’s unprecedented protests threaten Xi’s power in The Sun

Dr Alan Mendoza urges PM Rishi Sunak to condemn the CCP for its attack of the BBC journalist who covered the Shanghai protests in the Daily Mail

Dr Alan Mendoza condemns the Chinese Communist Party police for attacking a BBC journalist in TV360 Nigeria

Catherine Perez-Shakdam reveals Musandam’s human rights abuses towards the Shihuh tribe in The Times of Israel

Dr Helena Ivanov examines the implications of President Macron’s financial scandal in the Daily Express


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