Broadcast: Broadcast

Dr Alan Mendoza with Richard Tice on GB News

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses Iran’s role in the two ongoing conflicts on TalkTV

Marc Sidwell discusses our new report on Chinese Student Scholar Associations on LBC

Megan Gittoes discussing Lord Cameron’s first week as Foreign Secretary on TalkTV

Will Western Support For Israel Continue? Barak Seener Speaks to Televisa Juarez

Aliona Hlivco provides analysis on the Ukraine war following the Foreign Secretary’s visit to Kyiv

Director of Research Marc Sidwell discusses the latest updates in Gaza

Dr Helena Ivanov responding to the energy security policy announcements set out in the King’s Speech

Barak Seener on NTD discussing Hamas’ revenue streams

Dr Alan Mendoza Interviewed by David Harris for JBS

Dr Alan Mendoza Talk TV discussing the police response to recent pro-Palestinian protests

Dr Alan Mendoza responds on TalkTV to media coverage of the Israel-Hamas war

Alan Mendoza on TalkTV with Julia Hartley-Brewer to discuss developments in Israel and Palestine


Dr Alan Mendoza on GB News discussing last night’s shooting in Brussels

Dr Alan Mendoza on TalkTV analysing the geopolitics behind the war in Gaza

David Harris speaking with Sky News on the Israel-Hamas war

Dr Alan Mendoza on world leaders visiting Israel

Barak Seener providing military analysis for Sky News on the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel

David Harris on LBC News discussing the brutal attacks on Israeli citizens by Hamas

Dr Mendoza on BBC 5 Live discussing the barbaric Hamas attacks on Israeli civilians over the weekend

Dr Alan Mendoza Discussing Live Events in Gaza on Sky News

Dr Alan Mendoza on Times Radio on this Week’s Airstrikes in Ukraine

Aliona Hlivco on Sky News on the importance of Western support in the wake of today’s airstrikes

Dr Helena Ivanov reacts to the latest escalations between Serbia and Kosovo

Dr Alan Mendoza responding to Suella Braverman’s speech on illegal immigration and multiculturalism

Elizabeth Samson discussing the UK’s commitment to the Iranian Nuclear Deal

UK Attorney General Issues Contempt of Court Warning Over Russell Brand Media Coverage


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