Broadcast: Broadcast

Dr Azeem Ibrahim Discusses his Report with Nigel Farage

Dr Alan Mendoza on Julian Assange’s Extradition Appeal

David Kirichenko on the need for the UK to prepare against future cyber threats

Dr Alan Mendoza and Novara’s Michael Walker Discuss Trident on Sky News

Megan Gittoes on Food Inflation and the Ukraine War

Dr Stephen Hall Speaks to LBC News following the death of Navalny

Aliona Hlivco responds on Sky News to the death Putin critic Alexei Navalny

Dr Alan Mendoza Responds to the Death of Alexei Navalny

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses the Israel-Hamas war on Sky News

Dr Alan Mendoza responds to evidence of a significant rise in antisemitism in the UK

Megan Gittoes on Talk TV discusses the nature of antisemitism in modern Britain

Dr Alan Mendoza analyses reports that nearly 12,000 foreign offenders still live in the UK


Aliona Hlivco on the Political Journeys podcast

Mike Freer Leaves Politics Due to Death Threats – Dr Alan Mendoza Responds on Talk TV

Dr Alan Mendoza responds on GB News to Mike Freer’s decision to stand down as an MP

Aliona Hlvico Speaks to Sky News Regarding Recruitment in the British Military


Aliona Hlivco appears on Monocle Radio to discuss the latest foreign policy news

Dr Alan Mendoza Talks About What a Trump Presidency Would Mean for Global Security

Aliona Hlivco on reports that Russia and the US are holding Ukraine talks through ‘back channels’

Megan Gittoes Discusses The Conservatives’ and Reform UK’s Polling on TalkTV

Aliona Hlivco responds to Russian allegations that Ukraine shot down a plane with 65 PoWs on board

Dr Alan Mendoza responds to the suspension of a GP involved with Hizb ut-Tahrir

Dr Alan Mendoza Gives his Perspective on the Michaela School Prayer Controversy

Dr Alan Mendoza on Times Radio’s Frontline analysing tensions in the Middle East

Dr Helena Ivanov on WION Analyses the latest developments in Gaza

Megan Gittoes on TalkTV Discusses the Conservatives’ Chances in this Year’s General Election

Marc Sidwell on NTD responds to the Taiwanese election results

Dr Mendoza Responds to Criticism of the Government Over Lack of Parliamentary Consultation on Houthi Strikes

Dr Alan Mendoza reacts to Defence Secretary Grant Shapps’ speech on the UK’s defence plans


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