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EU connectivity plan will counter China’s influence over infrastructure – Sam Armstrong on NTDNews

During a pandemic we need to look closer to home – Dr Mendoza discusses aid cuts on talkRADIO

China could use British produced microchips to spy on us – Sam Armstrong on talkRADIO

People smugglers and criminals will be easier to send home – Dr Mendoza debates new rules on GBNews

The Taliban and regional powers seek to fill power vacuum in Afghanistan – Rob Clark on talkRADIO

Britain did make a difference in Afghanistan but what is next? – Rob Clark on GB News

Britain shouldn’t fear standing up to China – Sam Armstrong on GB News

Woke schools are damaging our children’s education – Alan Mendoza discusses free speech on talkRADIO

The Home Office is still mismanaging EU immigration – Sam Armstrong talks to GB News

Shamima Begum should not be allowed to return to the UK – Alan Mendoza on GB News

One rule for us and another for UEFA – Sam Armstrong discusses COVID travel rules on talkRADIO

Russian propaganda after the Black Sea clash with the Royal Navy – Rob Clark on Polish TV

We’ve woken up but it might be too late – Gray Sergeant discusses UK/China trade on GB News

Serious security concerns remain after the Hancock scandal – Dr Alan Mendoza on talkRADIO

UK and Russia clash in the Black Sea – Rob Clark on TalkRADIO

Russia’s projection of power in the Black Sea – Dr Jade McGlynn on Times Radio

Let’s let everyone out, it’s got to happen – Dr Mendoza discussed COVID with Kevin O’Sullivan

Young professionals will lose out from home working – Sam Armstrong on talkRADIO

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses the results of the Manchester Inquiry on talkRADIO

Dr Jade McGlynn speaks to Times Radio about the Biden/Putin Summit

Communication not confrontation at Biden-Putin summit – Rob Clark on talkRADIO

The Biden-Putin summit is no silver bullet – Dr McGlynn joins talkRADIO

Delay to the easing of lockdown and Macron’s stubbornness – Sam Armstrong on talkRADIO

The summer increases in Channel crossings by illegal migrants – Dr Mendoza on talkRADIO

Why is Britain so obsessed with slavery? Sam Armstrong spoke to talkRADIO

Why do companies pay former MPs so much for speeches? – Sam Armstrong on talkRADIO

Israeli coalition looks set to remove Netanyahu from power – Dr Mendoza speaks to talkRADIO

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses Usman Kahn and extremism within UK prisons on LBC News

Usman Khan demonstrates what is wrong with the prison system – Sam Armstrong on BBC Five Live

Decolonising Shakespeare – Sam Armstrong discusses the Globe’s decision with Kevin O’Sullivan


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