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One of the bleakest days in Western history – Sam Armstrong discusses Afghanistan on GB News

The Taliban are now a much more powerful force – Rob Clark on talkRADIO

Is the US still the Leader of the Free World post-Afghanistan, Alan Mendoza discusses on GB News

The Afghan people have been betrayed, Rob Clark tells GB News

WHO investigator says COVID likely began with Chinese scientists collecting bat samples – Sam Armstrong on talkRADIO

NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan is the largest foreign policy disaster for 50 years – Rob Clark on talkRADIO

WHO investigator now says COVID may have come from a Wuhan lab – Sam Armstrong on talkRADIO

The West has BETRAYED Afghanistan, Alex Phillips and Alan Mendoza on GB News

Rob Clark speaks to Mike Graham about the inequalities facing Gurkha heroes

Alan Mendoza discusses China, Afghanistan and more on GB News

Did COVID leak from that Wuhan lab? Alan Mendoza discusses the evidence on GB News

For COVID not to have leaked from the Lab would be a coincidence too far, Sam Armstrong tells GB News

Alan Mendoza discusses the latest from the Sudesh Amman inquiry with Iain Dale

The West can’t tackle the climate crisis without real change from China – Sam Armstrong on talkRADIO

Britain must decouple from state-owned Chinese nuclear firm – Sam Armstrong joined NTD News

Afghan interpreters and their families remain in danger – Rob Clark joins talkRADIO

When does free speech become hate speech? Sam Armstrong on talkRADIO

Alan Mendoza on The Press Preview with Sky News

The future of tech giants in Hong Kong following new privacy laws – Gray Sergeant on TBS

EU connectivity plan will counter China’s influence over infrastructure – Sam Armstrong on NTDNews

During a pandemic we need to look closer to home – Dr Mendoza discusses aid cuts on talkRADIO

China could use British produced microchips to spy on us – Sam Armstrong on talkRADIO

People smugglers and criminals will be easier to send home – Dr Mendoza debates new rules on GBNews

The Taliban and regional powers seek to fill power vacuum in Afghanistan – Rob Clark on talkRADIO

Britain did make a difference in Afghanistan but what is next? – Rob Clark on GB News

Britain shouldn’t fear standing up to China – Sam Armstrong on GB News

Woke schools are damaging our children’s education – Alan Mendoza discusses free speech on talkRADIO

The Home Office is still mismanaging EU immigration – Sam Armstrong talks to GB News

Shamima Begum should not be allowed to return to the UK – Alan Mendoza on GB News

One rule for us and another for UEFA – Sam Armstrong discusses COVID travel rules on talkRADIO


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