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The Art of Deceit: How China and Russia Use Sharp Power to Subvert the West

A Lost Tribe: Britain’s Young Eurosceptics

Hong Kong: The Steady Erosion of Freedom

Islamic Human Rights Commission: Advocating for the Ayotollahs

Defending our Data: Huawei, 5G and the Five Eyes

Behind Global Britain: Public Opinion on the UK’s Role in the World


RADICALISING OUR CHILDREN: An Analysis of Family Court Cases of British Children at Risk of Radicalisation, 2013-2018

Global Britain: A Twenty-First Century Vision

The South China Sea: Why It Matters To “Global Britain”

The South China Sea: Why It Matters To “Global Britain”

European Security at a Time of Transatlantic Uncertainty

Extreme Speakers and Events: In The 2017-18 Academic Year

Audit of Geopolitical Capability 2019: An Assessment of Twenty Major Powers

Out of the shadows: conspiracy thinking on immigration

Putin Sees and Hears it all: How Russia’s Intelligence Agencies Menace The UK

Terrorism in the West: An Age of Extremes

Negotiating the Peace: Diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula

After the NATO Summit: Towards the ‘Normalisation’ of British Military Spending?

A Definition of Contemporary Russian Conflict: How Does the Kremlin Wage War?

Defending Europe: ‘Global Britain’ and the Future of European Geopolitics

Global Britain in the Indo-Pacific

Going Ballistic: Responding to Iranian Missile Advances

Terror in The Dark: How Terrorists use Encryption, the Darknet and Cryptocurrencies

Profiting From Prejudice: How Mend’s ‘IAM’ Campaign Legitimised Extremism

Prison Management of Terrorism-Related Offenders: Is Separation Effective?

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: How Islamist Extremists Exploit the UK Charitable Sector


The Strange Investigation of a Strange Terrorist Attack

President Trump at meeting of GCC

Terror Overseas: Understanding The GCC Counter Extremism and Counter Terrorism Trends


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