For Our Children: An Examination of Prevent in the Curriculum

By Emma Webb

There are concerns across sectors, including schools, local authorities, the police, independent
organisations, academics and practitioners, that some resources used to incorporate the government’s
counter-extremism strategy into the curriculum are unsuitable. The For Our Children project investigates
the implementation of Prevent within the curriculum in primary and secondary schools in the UK,
mapping who is involved in the production of resources and training, and assessing the experience of
individuals across sectors.
The research is intended to be a useful tool for those working in the area, in schools, private organisations,
local and national government, by ascertaining opinions, building partnerships, sharing best practice ideas,
and initiating an evidence-based conversation about Prevent in the curriculum that is grounded in the
experience of those involved. Published in July 2017, For Our Children encourages a national strategy for improving the
incorporation of counter-extremism into the curriculum.


Read the full report HERE.


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