The View from Tehran’s Twilight Zone

By Dr Matthew Levitt

In his first report as an Associate Fellow in the Centre for the New Middle East at The Henry Jackson Society, Dr Mathew Levitt focuses on the issue of Iran’s involvement in the illicit financing of terrorism.

In particular, The View from Tehran’s Twilight Zone explores how following last year’s nuclear agreement, Iran still continues to be involved in illicit financial activities that seek to bypass the sanctions that remain in place on account of Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism and extensive human rights abuses.

Dr Levitt will join The Centre for the New Middle East in launching this timely new paper with a keynote speech in Parliament hosted by Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones, beginning a series of important debates and publications he will lead throughout the year with Members of Parliament, policy makers, the press, and public as an Associate Fellow at the Centre for the New Middle East.

To read the report, click here.


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