Opening a Second Western Front Against Putin: Russia’s Latin American Proxies

By Peter Young

The West must devise a comprehensive strategy to challenge Moscow’s use of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua in support of its hybrid warfare aggression, according to the latest think tank report.

The paper examines the economic and political vulnerabilities of the Kremlin’s Latin American proxy states and sets out how these can be used to undermine their ability to provide support to Russia.

The author of the report, Peter Young, argues that the Free World’s creation of a second front to remove Putin’s influence in Latin America would result in a necessary and significant geopolitical loss for Russia.

Mr Young examines how unlike the United States, the United Kingdom’s and Europe’s policies regarding Russia’s Latin American proxies have failed to defend human rights and political freedoms in the region.

The report calls for the UK and its European allies to apply concerted pressure on the Cuban, Venezuelan, and Nicaraguan regimes in order to force Putin either to spend scarce Russian resources on propping them up or be forced to abandon them and suffer a serious strategic reverse.

The report concludes with a series of recommendations, including:

  • Deprive Cuba of its slave labour revenues by vigorously applying national and international laws that forbid human trafficking and pressing countries that participate in Cuban labour trafficking to cease doing so.
  • Impose targeted political, financial and diplomatic sanctions on all Cuban communist oligarchs and the enterprises they control.
  • Sanction comprehensively the Venezuelan oil sector with a view to reducing its output and ability to finance the regime and its supporters.
  • The US, UK, and Europe should work to ensure that the Nicaraguan regime is deprived of key financial resources from multilateral organisations such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.



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