HJS Launches Its Young Thought Leaders Programme With a New Report: ‘Poison: The Common Method of Political Transnational Repression’

Sophia Browder

The Young Thought Leaders Programme is a new initiative by the Henry Jackson Society, which aims to identify and celebrate promising young talent in the world of thought leadership on security and foreign affairs.

We work to promote new research from individuals of exceptional promise in our areas of focus: securing our societies at home; and advancing the free world.
This year, to inaugurate the Young Thought Leaders Programme, the Henry Jackson Society is delighted to publish a paper by Sophia Browder, a young student who has conducted a wide-ranging analysis of the rising levels of political criminal poisonings in recent years.

To save lives and prevent wider contamination risks, policymakers, dissidents and healthcare professionals need to take this threat more seriously and prepare for future cases.

Sophia’s comprehensive paper offers a valuable resource to policymakers, with recommendations on how both dissidents and health systems can manage the dangers.

Since its foundation, the Henry Jackson Society has worked tirelessly for the principles and alliances that keep societies free. As we continue to carry this vital work forward, we are delighted to take this opportunity to celebrate the talent, passion and insight of a new generation.

You can read Sophia’s report HERE


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