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Press Coverage

Crackdown on lords in pay of Russians and Chinese

Terror Therapy: MPs blast soft treatment of jihadis on ‘government detox course’

Judy Asks: Is Brexit Bad for Europe?

Australia’s foreign policy victim to ‘political parochialism and distraction’

Australia, India, US struggle to match China’s infrastructure largesse

Tooba Gondal: Female British Isis recruiter asks to return to UK saying ‘we just want a normal life’

Jon Snow’s insult to non-white Brexiteers

A Former US Congressman Criticizes Allies Using Huawei Just ‘Because It Is Cheaper’

This is not good news for relations between North and South Korea

China, Huawei and the Challenge of 5G

Europe wakes up to China’s economic threat

Fighting the World’s Largest Criminal Industry: Modern Slavery

European militaries ‘will do more to counter assertive China’ in Indo-Pacific

Europe’s Expanding Role in the Indo-Pacific

Brexit was a working-class revolt

Emotional moment Yazidi woman held as ISIS sex slave BURNS her veil after being freed from terror in Baghouz

British ISIS fighters join ‘Jihadi union’ as they demand right to return to UK

Wadham student suspended over work for radical Islamist group

‘Inspiring but unfamiliar’: Former PM Malcolm Turnbull visits the UK Parliament

Oxford University suspends jihad-supporting student, 21, for trying to recruit for an extreme Islamist group

Five Eyes “needs major 5G vendor”

South China Sea warning: China increasing military presence in disputed waters

Beijing’s militarisation of the South China Sea irreversible, says Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull warns Brits about letting Huawei build 5G network

Queen’s courtier, Prince Charles’ cousin and other members of high society celebrate UK launch of group ‘accused of links to Russian spies’

Putin’s spies woo British Establishment through Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society

Shamima Begum case: How do you deradicalise someone?

Trump’s rejection of ‘socialism’ makes America weak in the fight for 5G against China’s Huawei

UK courts deal with 150 cases of children feared to be at risk of radicalisation by extremist parents

Islamic State: British girls who join ISIS are NOT ‘vulnerable brides’ – new report


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