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Corbyn-backed ‘anti-racist campaign’ sent Islamic extremists into schools and unis to spread their ideology, bombshell report claims

‘We will never tolerate attacks on our soil’: Theresa May stands up to Putin

Jeremy Corbyn’s drive for tolerance ‘gave platform to extremists’

Post-mortem on Nikolay Glushkov shows Russian exile was dead before body was strung up in his home

UK experts: Extremism stems from more than just ‘radical religion’

The U.K.’s Connection To Russian Money

With ‘new mandate,’ emboldened Putin to expand Russia’s adventurism abroad

YouTube Doesn’t Know Why Alex Jones Conspiracy Theories Top Results for Austin Explosions

What Does Mike Pompeo Think About Russia, Iran and North Korea?

How the UK could hit back at Russia over spy poisoning

Russia will launch ‘major cyber attack’ if UK applies new sanctions, experts warn

Why Facebook Censored a “Racist” Video from Hungary’s Government — Then Put It Back

Tory MP urges Theresa May to hit back at Vladimir Putin and ‘get tough on his oligarch pals in London’

‘Treat Russian oligarchs like CROOKS!’ Tory MP DEMANDS crackdown after spy poison attack


Saudi Crown Prince’s visit to London offers counter-extremism fresh start

GCC Flag

What’s wrong with UK’s approach to the Middle East?

Britain Threatens ‘Robust’ Response If Russia Behind Spy Poisoning

Masked THUGS protest shows universities becoming ‘intolerant to FREE SPEECH’

Sergei Skripal: ‘UK authorities would be foolish if they didn’t investigate Russian connections’

Everything We Know About Sergei Skripal, the “Poisoned” Russian Double Agent

Fears for public after Russian spy is ‘poisoned’ on British street: Double agent who sold secrets to MI6 before being given refuge in UK fights for his life in hospital as officials issue health alert

Russian spy fights for life after apparent poisoning

Russian spy fighting for life after being ‘poisoned’ by unknown substance in Salisbury

Brexit Britain should be wary of striking quick trade deals with China, Indian CEO says

Trump, Netanyahu to meet amid growing uncertainty on Mideast peace deal

The Fresh Prince: Will Saudi royal Mohammed bin Salman’s reforms bring actual change?

Isis fanatic tried to recruit children for ‘death squad’ to launch terror attacks in London

The ISIL plotter who groomed a children’s army

UK government gives £6 million to extremist charities, report claims

UK think tank cites Zakir Naik over extremists’ abuse of charities


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