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Jihadi bride Shamima Begum gives birth and says ‘people should have sympathy for me’

Madrassa ousted from secondary school following lesson telling Muslim girls to have children, not careers

Boris Johnson: ‘It is time to join so many of our friends around the world in believing in a truly global Britain.’

Boris Johnson rejects Corbyn’s ‘Toxic’ soft Brexit demand – ‘It’s called being in the EU!’

What is in new blueprint for foreign aid endorsed by Boris Johnson?

Ease foreign aid rules to give Armed Forces a boost, says Boris Johnson-backed report

On foreign aid, Boris Johnson is appealing to a Tory party that doesn’t exist

The Growing Debate Over Development Aid Is Not All Trump’s Fault

Williamson’s military manoeuvres can’t make up for Britain’s weak hand post-Brexit

Britain’s supercarrier Queen Elizabeth to face off against China in her own backyard

China WARNING: UK must act NOW to challenge Beijing’s domination of South China Sea

Extremism and hate preachers on the rise at campuses, universities warned

Mr. Xi, release these two Canadian citizens

Soas hosts more hate preachers than any other university campus, says report

Universities double invitations to extremists

Why Australia is a country that makes a difference in the world

British Parliament wants to shut down extremist content online — at what cost?

Time for Australia to stop calling itself a ‘middle power’


UK ranked as world’s second most powerful nation

‘Influential’ Australia should join the G7, says London think tank

BRILLIANT BRITAIN Britain is STILL the world’s second most powerful nation and branded a ‘truly global power’ in global league table

Al Qaeda-linked terror group gains ground in Syria

UK is world’s 2nd most powerful nation claims study – and Brexit will NOT impact dominance

China poses greatest threat to UK as global super-power, claims new study

Chinese regime ‘intimidates critics in intellectual war against Britain’

The world is fixated on the past

British Parliament wants to shut down extremist content online — at what cost?

Security fear over China tech deal


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