Presscoverage: Press Coverage

Press Coverage

In Yahoo!News on terror financing in South Asia

In The Telegraph on BNP Paribas’s support for Hong Kong democracy protests

In Spiked on Brexit

In Metro on celibate men trying to leave ‘toxic’ online spaces

In The Guardian on trade and foreign aid

In Vice on whether we would go to war with Iran

In The Telegraph on the government’s decision on Huawei 5G ban

In BBC News on foreign policy issues the UK’s new PM will face

In The Telegraph on porn laws exploited by Chinese to spy on businessmen and civil servants

In The Telegraph on Intelligence sharing with the US

In The Daily Mail on HSBC praising Chinese regime

RSA 2019 APJ Ambassador Q&A with Mihoko Matsubara

In The Times on Iran attack on US drone

In BBC News on Shamima Begum

In The Sunday Times on lords in pay of Russians and Chinese

In The Sun on soft treatment of jihadis

In Carnegie Europe on Brexit

In The Sydney Morning Herald on Australia’s foreign policy

In The Australian Financial Review on Australia, India, US struggling to match China’s infrastructure largesse

In The Independent on British Isis recruiter asking to return to UK

In Spiked on non-white Brexiteers

In NTD on Huawei

In Vice News on relations between North and South Korea

At The Heritage Foundation on China, Huawei and the Challenge of 5G

In The Australian Financial Review on Europe and China’s economic threat

In IPS on modern slavery

In South China Morning Post on European militaries to counter China in Indo-Pacific

At Hudson Institute on Europe’s expanding role in the Indo-Pacific

In Spiked on Brexit being a working-class revolt

In The Sun on Yazidi woman held as ISIS sex slave


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