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Corrections and Clarifications

Huda Television Ltd: An Apology

9 September 2020

In the Report published by the Henry Jackson Society titled ‘Extremism on the Airwaves’, authored by Emma Webb and published on 21 November 2018, and in an accompanying news release and a summary on our website, we identified Huda Television Limited as one of the channels that we stated “have faced an ‘insufficient’ and ‘concerning’ lack of regulatory scrutiny” in the UK. In particular we stated that a number of articles appearing on the website were published by Huda Television Limited and that its channel regularly publishes content containing Islamist extremist subject matter. This was incorrect. The articles were in fact published by a separate Egyptian based entity called Huda TV, which operates the website No such content appears on Huda Television Limited’s website (

Further, we stated in the Report that nine identified extremist speakers, whose profiles were listed on the website, had appeared on Huda Television Limited’s channel. This was incorrect in relation to the majority of the speakers identified. We also accept that it was wrong to suggest that Huda Television Limited almost ubiquitously hosts well-known extremist speakers.

We apologise to Huda Television Limited for all the incorrect statements made, and in light of this, we have agreed to pay Huda Televison Limited damages and legal costs. We also accept that these matters were not a basis for stating that Huda Television Limited should have faced greater regulatory scrutiny.


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