Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum & Henry Jackson Society Announce New Association Agreement

The Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum, headquartered in Independence, Missouri, and the Henry Jackson Society, based in London, United Kingdom, are pleased to announce an association agreement, effective immediately.

The Library serves as the home to the extraordinary legacy of the 33rd President of the United States, who was in office from 1945 to 1953, and a center to advance the vision and values of Truman.

The president led the U.S. during the victorious end of the Second World War and through the construction of the postwar international order to preserve and defend freedom, extend prosperity, advance civil rights, build an alliance network, and stand up to tyranny.

The Society, one of Britain’s leading foreign policy and national security think tanks, is named for Henry M. “Scoop” Jackson, who represented the State of Washington in the United States Senate from 1953 to 1983, and in the House of Representatives from 1941 to 1953.

Jackson was a leading advocate for a strong American and NATO ally defense posture, vigorous support for international democracy and human rights, including the right to emigrate from communist countries, and social cohesion at home. HJS is animated by these ideals to advance similar outcomes in the contemporary world.

In establishing the link between the Truman Presidential Library and Museum and the Henry Jackson Society, the two institutions seek to create new educational and programming opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic to promote the timely — and timeless — outlook and inspiration of the distinguished statesmen whose names they carry.

Dr Alan Mendoza, Executive Director of the Henry Jackson Society, said: “This is a welcome development between two great institutions on different sides of the Atlantic, united by a desire to see common goals and outcomes enacted through collaboration and partnership. President Truman built the Free World we know today and Senator Jackson strengthened it. If we can build on their work to reflect the challenges of the contemporary world, we will be strengthening their sacred mission for the benefit of us all.”

Truman Library Director Kurt Graham noted how “appropriate it is for these two organizations, in pursuit of their independent missions, to enter into a programmatic partnership. The fact that a farmer from Missouri led the free world to a place of unparalleled and lasting peace and prosperity is a matter of history. That he did so with decisiveness, empathy, and dignity is a matter of character. The world was once blessed by the Truman-Jackson worldview, and it can be again.”




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