A Necktie for Lawyer Shumkov

By Henry Jackson Society

On the evening of Friday, 4 December 2015 the body of 43-year old Dmitry Shumkov was discovered in an office in the Federation Tower of the Moscow City business centre.

Shumkov’s name became known to the general public only from reports of his death.

These reports, summarising the dynamic business life of the deceased, revealed that Mr Shumkov was a dollar billionaire; co-owner of the Olympic Sports Complex in Moscow; co-owner of the Norilsk-1 mines; co-owner of a complex of buildings adjacent to the Kremlin on Varvarka Street and Kitai-Gorod Drive; owner of a “Centre for Network Impact Technology”, which is one of the top five Internet traffic regulators; and, owner of a majority holding in the Moscow Internet eXchange” (MSK-IX) hub, which serves 60% of Russian Internet traffic, and of NGENIX, the market leader in services providing content.

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