Barcelona terrorist attack

By Nikita Malik

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The Henry Jackson Society today commented on the terrorist attack in Barcelona.


Nikita Malik, Director of the Centre on Radicalisation and Terrorism at the Henry Jackson Society, said:

“The Spanish police deserve enormous praise for their rapid response to the attack in Barcelona.

The assault represents yet another development in the trend of self-starter attacks across the Western World. 

That the attack happened in Barcelona is of scant surprise.  Barcelona is known for its established Islamist networks and we know from the UK that these communities are often key recruiting grounds for Jihadist attacks.”


Research from Spanish studies on terrorism


  1. Research from the Elcano Royal Institute shows that between 2004-2012 some 37.5% of jihadist terrorists convicted in Spain were from Barcelona. Of all those detained in Spain under terrorism legislation between 2013-2016 (178 individuals), 25% were from Barcelona.  Of the 178 individuals detained in 2013-2016 on 13% were considered to have been radicalised in isolation.
  2. The same research from Professor Fernando Reinares revealed that more than half of Spain’s Salafist congregations are based in the Catalonia.

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