Next Independent Reviewer must be a guarantor of security, not a community engagement officer


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The Henry Jackson Society has this afternoon commented on the news that Max Hill will be appointed as the new Director of Public Prosecutions in November.

The move means that the position of Independent Reviewer of Terror Legislation, held by Mr Hill since March 2017, will become vacant.

Tom Wilson, Research Fellow in the Centre on Radicalisation & Terrorism at the Henry Jackson Society, said:

“Attention will now turn to who will be replacing Max Hill as the Independent Reviewer of Terror Legislation. To ensure that there is the maximum public confidence in this post, it is important that the appointee is seen to be someone who takes a strong line on the prosecution of terror offenders.

“Whoever takes on this role should avoid taking advice from extremist groups and individuals, and certainly should not be meeting with those who have legitimised terrorism in any way, shape or form.

“The role of the Independent Reviewer is not to act as a kind of community engagement officer.

“The role is an important one, ensuring that our national commitment to civil liberties is balanced against our need for security. It is essential that this important function isn’t compromised.”


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