Violence in France is proof that more remains to be done to protect Europe from Islamic State


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The Henry Jackson Society has responded to today’s terrorist incident in Trèbes and Carcassone, France.

The assailant claimed to be acting in the name of Islamic State and the group has now claimed responsibility.

Nikita Malik, Director of the Centre for the Response to Radicalisation and Terrorism at the Henry Jackson Society, said:

“The violent incidents in Trèbes and Carcassone will have shocked the local communities and the wider French public. Sadly, they are just the latest proof that while France has tightened its laws and strengthened its anti-terror response capabilities, more work remains to be done.

“The gunman’s methods follow that of other Islamic State-inspired ‘self-starters’: the abduction of a public space, hostage taking and the targeting of the police.

“The threat to France, Britain and the rest of Europe from Islamic State and IS-inspired individuals continues unabated and vigilance will remain essential in the weeks and months to come.”


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