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Dr Alan Mendoza speaks to The Sun about the escalating situation on the Ukraine/Russia border

Rob Clark joined Times Radio to discuss his experience serving in Afghanistan & the USA’s withdrawal

Rob Clark joined BBC World News to discuss the US withdrawal from Afghanistan

Rob Clark joined Mike Graham to discuss growing tensions along the Ukraine-Russia border

Sam Armstrong spoke to talkRADIO about the removal of Myanmar’s UK Ambassador by the military regime

Dr Alan Mendoza speaks to talkRADIO about China’s booming COVID economy

Rob Clark on talkRADIO discussing an increase in tensions on the Ukraine-Russia border

The Iran Deal Is Not Enough: Why The West Must Get More From Tehran

How can families protect young people from getting radicalised?

Sam Armstrong joined talkRADIO to discuss the pros and cons of the UK’s Census

Dr Alan Mendoza spoke to Times Radio about the UK’s nuclear deterrent

Dr Alan Mendoza speaks to Fox News about Cancel Culture

What is Boris Johnson’s blueprint for Global Britain?

Boris’s Russia review will delight Putin

Rob Clark joined talkRADIO to discuss the UK’s Integrated Review and the ramifications for defence

Relative Values: how extremism spreads through families

The Carrier Strike Group deployment and Global Britain

Sam Armstrong joined Mariella Frostrup on Times Radio to discuss the UK’s overseas aid budget

Terrorism is evolving: Isolation is a route to radicalisation we cannot ignore

It’s time to take Britain’s Incel terror threat seriously

Rob Clark on talkRADIO to discuss cuts to defence spending and NATO post-Trump

The hidden message in GCHQ’s AI report

Eilish O’Gara joined talkRADIO to discuss terrorism during and after COVID-19

Sam Armstrong joined NTD News to discuss China-India relations

Rob Clark spoke to al Arabiya about the attack on the Al Asad Airbase and Iran’s growing boldness

Shamima Begum made her choice and shouldn’t be given a path back to UK

There’s no evidence of ‘white privilege’

Denying Shamima Begum a return to Britain could backfire

Denying Shamima Begum’s return is a victory for national security

Dr Rakib Ehsan joined talkRADIO to discuss Shamima Begum and his new report on BLM


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