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Craig Tiedman writes for The Sunday Guardian

dr alan mendoza

Dr Alan Mendoza talks to Julia Hartley-Brewer about Shamima Begum’s Supreme Court Appeal

Cutting foreign aid makes the UK safer

Trump’s Popularity with ethnic minorities is a warning for the Left

Sam Armstrong

Beyond the hi-tech headlines, the defence review is about evolution, not revolution

Dr Alan Mendoza speaks to James Whale about the US Election results

Dr Rakib Ehsan on BBC Radio Asian Network

Craig Tiedman writes for the Telegraph

Alan Mendoza on the International Implications of the Presidential Election at Lockdown University

HJS EVENT: What do China’s actions in Hong Kong spell for Taiwan?

How resilient is Britain?

Dr Rakib Ehsan on Canada’s model of patriotism


Dr Andrew Foxall writes for The Spectator


Russia’s Familiar Hand: Foxall on Putin’s Poisonings


Dr Andrew Foxall for the Daily Telegraph


Dr Andrew Foxall on the “Russia Report”

Matthew Henderson for National Review


James Rogers for ConservativeHome

The HJS Virtual Event Series: ‘Hong Kong & China: Lessons For The Free World’ – WATCH HERE

HJS VIRTUAL EVENT SERIES: “Brian H. Hook & The Rt. Hon. Jeremy Hunt MP: In Transatlantic Conversation on Iran – WATCH HERE

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses the BLM London protests and UK race relations on Sky News

The HJS Virtual Event Series: ‘COVID-19 and Social Media – Meeting Challenges using Lessons Learned from Countering Terrorism’ – WATCH HERE


Boris Johnson on Hong Kong: Dr Andrew Foxall’s Verdict

Dr Rakib Ehsan discusses the BLM US and London protests with Mike Graham

Dr Rakib Ehsan talks about grooming gangs with Mike Graham on Talk Radio

The HJS Virtual Event Series: ‘Ukraine: Coronavirus, Conflict and Corruption’ – WATCH HERE

The HJS Virtual Event Series: ‘Covid-19 and the Future of Geopolitical Fault Lines in Europe’ – WATCH HERE

Matthew Henderson discusses the roles of the CCP and WHO in the Covid-19 Pandemic on Breitbart News Tonight

James Rogers discusses the HJS Report on decoupling from Chinese supply dependence with Mike Graham

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses dependency on China and the WHO with Julia Hartley-Brewer on TalkRadio


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