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Alan Mendoza on the International Implications of the Presidential Election at Lockdown University

Alan Mendoza on The Press Preview with Sky News


BBC Sunday Politics covers Hannah Stuart’s Islamist Terrorism, a groundbreaking new study by HJS

BBC World News Asks Sam Armstrong What Is Next in the China-US Relationship

Biden’s dislike of Britain doesn’t help Afghanistan – Sam Armstrong joins GB News

Biden’s leadership over the Afghan crisis is utterly shambolic – Sam Armstrong speaks to GB News

Bob Seely MP discusses his HJS report into Russian Warfare on the Today Programme

Bob Seely MP discusses the Huawei Report on BBC Radio 4

Bob Seely MP discusses ‘Global Britain: A Twenty-First Century Vision’ on the Today Programme

Britain & America are abandoning the Afghan people – Rob Clark joins GB News

Britain can lead in Kabul but the defence budget has been hollowed out – Rob Clark speaks to GB News

Britain can no longer rely on allies for its defence – Rob Clark joins talkRADIO

Britain did make a difference in Afghanistan but what is next? – Rob Clark on GB News

Britain has a ‘Grievance-Industrial Complex’ – Dr Rakib Ehsan on Sky News Australia

Britain must decouple from state-owned Chinese nuclear firm – Sam Armstrong joined NTD News

Britain now lacks influence in Afghanistan, so what can it do? – Rob Clark joins GB News

Britain shouldn’t fear standing up to China – Sam Armstrong on GB News

Catherine Perez-Shakdam discusses the Gaza Strip flare-up with Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije on TalkTV

Charlotte Littlewood discusses the Salman Rushdie attack with Peter Cardwell on TalkTV

Charlotte Littlewood discussing far right extremism on GBNews

Child Poverty in the UK – Dr Rakib Ehsan for GB News

China could use British produced microchips to spy on us – Sam Armstrong on talkRADIO

China is celebrating the West’s failure in Afghanistan – Sam Armstrong on talkRADIO

China owes us compensation for massive negligence – Dr Mendoza speaks to talkRADIO about COVID

Choudary’s calls for a harsher Taliban make Britain’s streets less safe – Sam Armstrong on GBNews

Communication not confrontation at Biden-Putin summit – Rob Clark on talkRADIO

Compensation for Coronavirus? Dr Alan Mendoza talks to Mark Dolan about HJS’ latest paper

Cutting foreign aid makes the UK safer

Decolonising Shakespeare – Sam Armstrong discusses the Globe’s decision with Kevin O’Sullivan

Delay to the easing of lockdown and Macron’s stubbornness – Sam Armstrong on talkRADIO


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