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Opinion Editorials
July 24, 2017

Russia Is Testing NATO in the Skies

Henry Jackson Society
By Andrew Foxall Last month, a Russian jet flew within five feet of a U.S. reconnaissance plane near the Baltic Sea. According to U.S. officials, the Russian Su-27 “rapidly” approached the U.S. RC-135 plane and acted “provocatively” by performing “unsafe” maneuvers. Russia’s Defense ...
July 21, 2017

The Iran Nuclear Deal Isn’t Working

Henry Jackson Society
By Timothy Stafford In a legally required letter to Speaker Paul Ryan on April 18, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson confirmed that Iran is in compliance with the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The next day, he told reporters ...
July 19, 2017

How do you solve a problem like Al Jazeera?

Henry Jackson Society
By Najah Alotaibi The idea of a TV channel being forced to close by the collective weight of Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries seems abhorrent to any liberal supporter of a free media at first sight. But is there any ...
July 17, 2017

Will Putin’s proxies ever be brought to justice for downing flight MH17?

Henry Jackson Society
By Dr. Andrew Foxall Three years ago today, Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 was destroyed over eastern Ukraine while on a scheduled flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. All 298 people on board were killed. Overwhelming evidence suggests that the Boeing 777 was destroyed by ...
July 14, 2017

The Iran deal has been in place for two years, but it’s still not working

Henry Jackson Society
By Timothy Stafford In 2015 the then Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told the House of Commons that the agreement the UK and other world powers had reached with Iran meant that “the world can be reassured that all Iranian routes to ...
July 11, 2017

Russia is boldly and repeatedly testing our defences. What should we do about it?

Henry Jackson Society
By Andrew Foxall During the election campaign, defence issues were barely mentioned. But now they are back on the political agenda. Throughout Westminster, there is a growing recognition that Brexit is so significant an event that, even if even if there ...
July 4, 2017
North Korea

We are sleepwalking towards a global war – and Russia and China are enabling it

Henry Jackson Society
By John Hemmings This is not “just another North Korean missile launch”. The “successful” testing of what North Korea’s state news agency KCNA called an “inter-continental ballistic missile” takes the Korean Peninsula one step closer to a conflict that could drag in the world’s great ...
July 3, 2017

Tech companies must commit to tackling extremism

Henry Jackson Society
By Nikita Malik Better late than never. The announcement that four major technology platforms — Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Microsoft — will create a new Global Internet Forum to counter terrorism has been a long time coming. Until recently, the onus ...
June 29, 2017

Ukraine’s Stalled Revolution

Henry Jackson Society
By Andrew Foxall and Lincoln Pigman More than three years have passed since Ukraine’s Euromaidan Revolution, in which protestors took to the streets and ousted their corrupt leader Viktor Yanukovych. But reform has been slow in coming. To be fair, President ...
June 23, 2017

Panama Has Ditched Taiwan. Here’s Why It Matters for America.

John Hemmings
Originally published in The National Interest, 22 June 2017 Last week’s sudden announcement by Panamanian president Juan Carlos Varela that Panama would henceforth be shifting its diplomatic relations from Taiwan to mainland China was not entirely unexpected in Taipei. Tsai Ing-wen ...
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Key Publications
July 18, 2017

UK Government should urgently consider new review process for Chinese investment in sensitive sectors

Henry Jackson Society
The UK Government should welcome inward investment from China, but ensure the national security of key infrastructure remains protected, our new report warns. “Safeguarding our Systems: Managing Chinese Investment into the UK’s Digital and Critical National Infrastructure”, described by Sir Malcolm ...
July 13, 2017

Beyond Compliance: Iran and the JCPOA

Henry Jackson Society
Iran’s destabilising actions since 2015 have undermined any hope that the country has changed course. That’s the conclusion of “Beyond Compliance- Iran and the JCPOA“, a new report by The Henry Jackson Society to coincide with the two-year anniversary of ...
July 11, 2017

Close Encounters: Russian Military Activities in the Vicinity of UK Air and Sea Space, 2005-2016

Henry Jackson Society
The true scale of the Russian military’s activities around UK territory is made clear for the first time, in a comprehensive report from The Henry Jackson Society’s Russia Studies Centre. The report lists and categorises every open-ˇsource incident reported by the ...
July 11, 2017

Understanding CONTEST: The Foundation and the Future

Henry Jackson Society
CONTEST, the UK’s counter-terrorism strategy, was made publicly available in 2006, and revisions followed in 2009 and 2011. It is split into four work streams – Prevent, Pursue, Protect and Prepare. In light of the recent attacks in Westminster, Manchester, London ...
July 5, 2017

Foreign Funded Islamist Extremism in the UK

Tom Wilson
A new report from The Henry Jackson Society, “Foreign Funded Islamist Extremism in the UK”, has highlighted the need for a public inquiry into the foreign-based funding of Islamist extremism. We report on a growing body of evidence on the considerable ...