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Opinion Editorials
May 25, 2017

Loose-lipped Americans cannot be allowed to put our counter-terrorist efforts at risk

Henry Jackson Society
By Timothy Stafford This article originally appeared in The Telegraph Early on Tuesday morning, British police requested that the identity of the Manchester bomber – then unknown to the public at large – not be circulated. That Salman Abedi’s name was subsequently made ...
May 24, 2017

Islamists are very clear about what they want – we just aren’t listening

Douglas Murray
The meeting place of the two worlds could not have been more sharply defined. In Manchester Arena, thousands of young women had spent the night singing and dancing at a show in Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman tour. Songs such as ...
May 23, 2017
Terrorism & Security

Terrorists are growing in ambition. Stopping radicalisation is our only effective defence

Henry Jackson Society
This article originally appeared in The Telegraph by Nikita Malik Writing in the 1970s, Brian Michael Jenkins concluded that “terrorism was theatre”, and that those who perpetrated it “want a lot of people watching, not a lot of people dead”. Monday night’s attack in ...
May 18, 2017

Donald Trump may be under siege – but here’s how the President can survive James and giant impeach

Douglas Murray
This article originally appeared in The Sun. CALLS for impeachment are like Christmas. They seem to come earlier every season. In the 1990s American Republicans waited until Bill Clinton’s second term in office before trying to impeach him. In George W. Bush’s presidency, the ...
May 17, 2017

Private Manning’s freedom comes at the expense of US security

Douglas Murray
This article originally appeared in The Spectator. Barack Obama’s decision to commute the prison sentence of Private Manning was a final, disgraceful undermining of American interests by the outgoing US President. Today, Manning has been released from prison after serving seven years for ...
May 8, 2017

Emmanuel Macron is no saviour, and if Europe’s old order continue to ignore the people they will fall

Douglas Murray
EMMANUEL MACRON has won and the problems of Europe have gone away. Or at least that seems to be the response of Europe’s elites. The defeat of Marine Le Pen in ­Sunday’s French presidential election is like the slaying of a ...
May 7, 2017

Europe signs its own death warrant

Douglas Murray
Europe is committing suicide. Or at least its leaders have decided to commit suicide. Whether the European people choose to go along with this is, naturally, another matter. When I say that Europe is in the process of killing itself, ...
April 28, 2017

Director of HJS Asia Studies Centre gives evidence to Parliament on China

John Hemmings
John Hemmings, Director of the Asia Studies Centre at The Henry Jackson Society, gave written evidence to Parliament on UK relations with China. To see the evidence, click here.
April 28, 2017

Radicalisation doesn’t happen in private – we need be open about how to spot the signs

Henry Jackson Society
This article originally appeared in The Telegraph. Though details of Thursday’s thwarted attack in Westminster are still emerging, it appears that the intelligence agencies and police were well aware of the suspect, and prepared to swoop. The Prime Minister’s reference to an “intelligence ...
April 27, 2017

Donald Trump has set the ball rolling on North Korea, but China has the next move

John Hemmings
This article originally appeared in The Telegraph. The ongoing crisis in Northeast Asia continues to creep toward a possible flashpoint this week, as North Korea holds one of the largest military drills of conventional war fighting. China and Russia have both mobilized troops ...
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Key Publications
April 27, 2017

Spotting The Signs: Identifying Vulnerability To Radicalisation Among Students

Henry Jackson Society
A new report from The Henry Jackson Society, Spotting The Signs: Identifying Vulnerability To Radicalisation Among Students, investigates students who have travelled from the United Kingdom to join terrorist organisations in Syria and Iraq. Those who have fought or trained abroad have been ...
April 19, 2017

From Metropole to the PEN Centre

Henry Jackson Society
The Metropole affair of 1979 made a special contribution to the struggle for the anti-censorship Article 29 of the Russian Constitution, which the current regime has gone to great lengths to reduce to the status of a stage prop. The ...
April 4, 2017

How the Press Elected the President

Henry Jackson Society
Boris Yeltsin won the 1996 presidential election in the second round after starting the campaign with an approval rating of 13 per cent. Almost twenty-one years ago, on 3 July 1996, the second round of the presidential election was held in ...
March 24, 2017

Foreign Terrorist Attacks By The Islamic State, 2002-2016

Henry Jackson Society
A new report from The Henry Jackson Society, Foreign Terrorist Attacks By The Islamic State, 2002-2016, documents 152 incidents of terrorism or attempted terrorism conducted in the name of the Islamic State and its predecessors, and assesses how directly the ...
March 21, 2017

Mitigating the Risks? An Assessment of University Speaker Policies

Henry Jackson Society
A new report from The Henry Jackson Society and its Student Rights campaign, Mitigating the Risks? An Assessment of University Speaker Policies, analyses the speaker policies of 76 English universities to assess the extent to which the higher education sector ...