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Opinion Editorials
September 29, 2015

Putin By Numbers: The Russian President’s 2015 United Nations Speech

Henry Jackson Society
Dr. Andrew Foxall
The Russian president showed up at the United Nations, yesterday, for the first time in a decade, to deliver a simple message: unilateralism in international affairs is bad, and multilateralism is good. It is a message Mr. Putin has delivered ...
September 18, 2015
United Kingdom

Is New Electronic Surveillance Legislation Justified?

Robin Simcox
Robin Simcox, a research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, says Yes The threat posed by terrorism has arguably never been higher. Yet in recent years, UK intelligence agencies have been increasingly unable to access the data needed to protect national ...
September 18, 2015

Putin’s Clampdown on Art, Film, and Dissent

Dr. Andrew Foxall
Over a year and a half has passed since Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine. Since then, Russia has waged a campaign of aggression against Kiev and, despite Western economic and political pressure on Moscow, Moscow has not changed ...
September 14, 2015

Don’t Trust Putin on Syria

Dr. Andrew Foxall
Syria is being destroyed. The civil war, now more than four years old, has left the country in ruins. The implacable Islamic State controls vast areas of the north and east, and the barbaric regime of President Bashar al-Assad maintains its Damascus ...
September 9, 2015

After killing two British IS jihadists, is the government right to say it won’t hesitate to use drone strikes again?

Robin Simcox
Robin Simcox, a research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, says Yes There is, correctly, a high threshold for the government to meet before carrying out a targeted strike against a British citizen. This is the first time such a strike has ...
September 4, 2015

As the migrant crisis intensifies, is this the beginning of the end of Europe’s Schengen Area?

Alan Mendoza
Alan Mendoza, executive director of the Henry Jackson Society, says Yes As with many of the European Union’s practices, institutions and ambitions, the Schengen Agreement is fraying in the face of circumstances vastly different to those it was drawn up to ...
August 28, 2015

Mass immigration will destroy Britain if we don’t act now, blasts DOUGLAS MURRAY

Douglas Murray
Originally published in the Express IT IS now four years since David Cameron promised to reduce immigration into the UK from the hundreds of thousands to “tens of thousands” a year. “No ifs, no buts”, was what the Prime Minister said.  But ...
August 4, 2015
Women's Rights

Forced marriage in the UK? It’s a bigger problem than you think

Emily Dyer
Originally published in the New Statesman Last month, seven British survivors of ‘honour’ abuse and forced marriage spoke out in public about their experiences. They explained how it felt to be abused by those closest to them – their family and ...
July 24, 2015
Terrorism & Security

Al Qaeda Is Not Our Ally!

Robin Simcox
Originally published in The Daily Beast A new argument among jihad analysts has it that the makers of 9/11 are now a handy bulwark against ISIS. Um, no. Enemies becoming friends is seemingly all the rage these days. First Cuba. ThenIran. Now, ...
July 24, 2015
Middle East

Israel in the Eye of the Storm

Tom Wilson
Originally published in The Journal of International Security Affairs In a region convulsed by the turmoil of civil wars, revolutions, and insurgencies, Israel stands out as an island of relative stability, one that has successfully weathered the multiple storms of the ...
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Key Publications
September 29, 2015

“We Will Conquer Your Rome:” A Study of Islamic State Terror Plots in the West

Robin Simcox
The Islamic State (IS) presently controls significant amounts of land throughout Iraq and Syria. However, its ambitions are not restricted to this territory. Within days of announcing its ‘Caliphate’, the self-appointed ‘Caliph’ Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi vowed that IS would eventually ...
September 8, 2015

The Legal Basis for Targeted Airstrikes Against Islamic State’s British Citizens

Robin Simcox
On 7 September, Prime Minister David Cameron informed the House of Commons that the Royal Air Force had carried out a precision drone strike which killed Reyaad Khan, a 21 year old British citizen. The strike took place in the ...
September 1, 2015

A Flawed Deal: An Assessment Of The Iranian Nuclear Agreement

Henry Jackson Society
This latest policy paper by the Centre for the New Middle East at the Henry Jackson Society, A Flawed Deal: An Assessment Of The Iranian Nuclear Agreement, undertakes one of the most comprehensive and exhaustive assessments of the Iran agreement to date. ...
September 1, 2015

After Crimea: Towards a New British Geostrategy for Eastern Europe?

Henry Jackson Society
The United Kingdom, as NATO’s primary European underwriter, must re-assess its defence policy in light of Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the Kremlin’s other destabilising activities along the Alliance’s eastern flank, finds a new report by The Henry Jackson Society. Released ...
August 5, 2015

Death at the Stadium

Henry Jackson Society
This is the tenth in a series of guest publications and translations which The Henry Jackson Society is producing by arrangement with Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty.   This publication was written by Yakov Nesterovich, a Russian commentator and translated by Arch ...