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Opinion Editorials
January 16, 2017

Is Tolerance a One-Way Street?

Douglas Murray
Originally published by Gatestone Institute. When just about every other magazine in the free world fails to uphold the values of free speech and the right to caricature and offend, who could expect a group of cartoonists and writers who have ...
January 10, 2017

Romania’s corruption fight is a smokescreen to weaken its democracy

Henry Jackson Society
Originally published in the Guardian. by David Clark The recent rise of the populist right in Hungary and Poland has raised the alarm about the future of democracy in Europe, as constitutional safeguards, media pluralism and civil society come under sustained attack. But ...
January 5, 2017

European Immigration: Mainly Muslim, Mainly Male, Mainly Young

Douglas Murray
Originally published by the Gatestone Institute 2016 was a fine year for Islamist terrorism and an even finer year for Western political distraction. While Islamic terrorists repeatedly succeeded in carrying out mass-casualty terrorist attacks, as well as a constant run of ...
December 23, 2016
United States

From Brexit to Trump: Giving the Elites a Hard Kick

Douglas Murray
Originally published by Majalla The two big electoral events of 2016—Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as the next U.S. president—were seemingly conjoined from the moment the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. That historic day in June was ...
December 20, 2016

Andrey Karlov is not Franz Ferdinand – neither Turkey nor Russia want a war

Henry Jackson Society
Kyle Orton
Originally published by the International Business Times The 19th of December, 2016, got all the way to the early afternoon as a quiet news day. By the time it was over, areas of Brussels had been on lockdown as anti-terrorism police ...
December 18, 2016

Spare us the self-pity. The young have never had it so good

Douglas Murray
Originally published by The Times Somebody recently asked me whom I admired, and I gave them the truth: “Simon Raven’s godfather and the present Countess Mountbatten.” The reasons for the idolatry are related. The late novelist’s godfather was celebrated in the Raven ...
December 14, 2016

National Action is a neo-Nazi hate group. Will banning it work?

Rupert Sutton
Originally published in Left Foot Forward Dealing effectively with the threat posed by groups that encourage and promote hatred without being seen to suppress freedom of expression is one of the great challenges facing democracies as they attempt to challenge extremists. However, when ...
December 14, 2016

We should not be shocked that Isis took Palmyra – Assad and Putin cannot hold back the jihadi hordes

Kyle Orton
Originally published by International Business Times The Islamic State (IS) is supposed to be on its way to defeat. IS is under assault in Mosul and the operation to evict it from Raqqa began a month ago. Just this morning, Turkish-backed rebel ...
December 14, 2016

Putin’s Paradise: What If Russia Had Chosen Prosperity When the USSR Collapsed?

Dr. Andrew Foxall
Originally published in Heat Street Twenty-five years ago, in December 1991, the Soviet Union fragmented, ending the Cold War. Today, Russia and the West seem again set on an intractable conflict. Here Dr Andrew Foxall, an academic and Russia expert, imagines how ...
December 8, 2016

Putin will never restore Russia’s greatness

Dr. Andrew Foxall
Originally published in CapX Twenty five years ago, on 8 December 1991, the leaders of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine signed the Belavezha Accords, an agreement that dissolved the Soviet Union. Fewer than two weeks afterwards, leaders from all but one of the ...
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Key Publications
January 11, 2017

Under the Aegis of the Foreign Ministry

Henry Jackson Society
Six months ago, Andrey Piontkovsky, in the course one of our conversations, came up with an unexpected hypothesis: that the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs had ‘spoiled’ Putin. Russian diplomats, in the political analyst’s opinion, are behind Putin’s anti-Americanism and anti-Westernism and, ...
January 5, 2017

Age of Delirium

Henry Jackson Society
Not long ago, American scientists once again turned their attention to the case of Phineas P. Gage, whose strange fate raised the possibility that the brain contains a “moral center.” On September 13, 1848, Gage, a 25-year-old construction foreman for the ...
January 4, 2017

Fighting Corruption with Con Tricks: Romania’s Assault on the Rule of Law

Henry Jackson Society
A new report from The Henry Jackson Society, Fighting Corruption with Con Tricks: Romania’s Assault on the Rule of Law, has found that Romanian politicians are engaged in political score-settling and serious violations of human rights which are dressed up ...
December 19, 2016

The Empire of the Presumption of Guilt: How cases are fabricated against the innocent

Henry Jackson Society
Russian courts of general jurisdiction acquit in fewer than 1% of cases. In Europe the average figure is around 10%. This does not indicate that the Russian law enforcement system is operating more efficiently than that of the West, just ...
October 26, 2016

Putin’s Useful Idiots: Britain’s Left, Right and Russia

Henry Jackson Society
The latest policy paper from The Russia Studies Centre at The Henry Jackson Society documents how individuals and organisations across the British political spectrum have  established connections with their counterparts in Russia, many of which are funded or supported by ...