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Dr Andrew Foxall discusses President Trump and Vladimir Putin on Sky News


Trump-Putin summit is welcome – but the West must continue to act together in defence of our values

James Rogers discusses Trump in NATO on TRT World

Dr Alan Mendoza appears on Fox News with Tucker Carlson about Trump’s visit to the UK

Trump’s visit offers chance to nurture special relationship

Dr Alan Mendoza speaks to Fox News on Trump and the NATO Summit


Trump NATO comments demonstrate reality of enduring US commitment to Europe – if Europe does what’s right

Europe can still salvage this NATO summit – here’s how


Petty virtue signalling about Trump visit should not distract from the importance of the enduring Special Relationship


Donald Trump is right: NATO member states must pay their dues and do their part

European nations – not Trump – are undermining NATO

Ambiguity the only certainty as the dust settles on the Singapore summit

NATO’s fractious politics mask its military strength

Trump just opened a new Embassy in Taipei. We should all be doing the same

Dr John Hemmings discusses North Korean diplomacy on BBC World News

Dr John Hemmings speaks to i24 about the cancelled US-NK Summit


US-North Korea Summit always an uphill battle

Dr John Hemmings spoke to BBC Breakfast on US-North Korea relations

May has a choice: side with our most important ally or with dangerous Iran

Trump is hoping his good cop, bad cop tactics will force Iran into a new deal


The nuclear deal as Europe knew it is dead – now we face a straight choice between our strongest ally or Iran

Dr Alan Mendoza appears on talkRADIO to discuss the United States’ withdrawal from the JCPOA


Iran nuclear deal “hasn’t worked”, action must be taken to prevent “generational crisis” in Middle East

Europe ponders next move as Trump rejects ‘defective’ Iran deal

Iran may pose a bigger challenge than North Korea

Timothy Stafford speaks to BBC 5Live about the Iran Deal deadline

Kim and Moon’s meeting was ‘historic’ – but what will its ramifications be? An expert explains

U.S. forces in Syria aim for low profile, and high-powered results


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