Iran nuclear deal “hasn’t worked”, action must be taken to prevent “generational crisis” in Middle East


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The Henry Jackson Society today responded to President Donald Trump withdrawing the United States from the Iranian nuclear deal (JCPOA).

Dr Alan Mendoza, Executive Director of The Henry Jackson Society, said:

“The 2015 nuclear deal was meant to do one thing: halt Iran’s progress towards nuclear weapons in return for the suspension of sanctions against Tehran. That agreement was left unfinished with regard to a sunset clause and no sanction for Iranian ballistic missile testing and regional aggression. There was an assumption that Iran would rein in its behaviour regardless and act as a peaceful interlocutor in its region.

“As President Trump’s decision today highlights, it hasn’t worked.

“European parties to the deal, including Britain, must now take a firm and principled stand and tackle Iran’s ballistic missile capability as well as its support for proxies across the Middle East. We need to be realistic about the nature of the Iranian threat across the region and its long term nuclear intentions. If action is not taken then we face the prospect of a generational crisis in the region.”


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