The Red Line has been crossed in Syria – the West needs to act now


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Western intervention in Syria, with air strikes and weapons provisions for opposition forces, is the only way to end the bloodshed and is now a moral imperative given the clear use of chemical weapons by Assad’s regime, analysts from the Henry Jackson Society (HJS) are warning.

A year on from President Obama’s statement that proof of the use of chemical weapons against the Syrian population would be a ‘red line’, inaction from the West has meant Assad has no incentive to be brought to the negotiating table, and the US and Western powers have no leverage to bring an end to the conflict.

The Henry Jackson Society think tank, which seeks to promote liberal democracies around the world and offers a unique insight into failed democratic transitions, has consistently called for Western intervention to level the playing field and is now calling on Western powers to instigate air strikes in Syria.

Executive Director of the HJS Dr Alan Mendoza said: “Assad is breaking all kinds of international law with his behaviour, yet we stand idly by. It’s clear the so-called ‘red line’ has been crossed.

“Firm action is now needed to show rogue states the world will not tolerate such displays.

“Western reluctance to arm Assad’s opposition has led us to this point, but if we are still concerned about following that course of action then it’s time to consider the alternatives, including air strikes.”


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